A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2 (Angry Women Series)

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Would you like to SI to have as vast an audience as they did? Would you play shows with a thrash or grind type band? I would love to have Strong Intention appeal to all of thje little self-segregated factions of hardcore punk, much like Infest posthumously does. Infest managed to accomplish this because their music was so stripped down, and sincere in their rage that everyone can relate to it, regardless of what little sect they consider themselves a part of. We would definetly play shows with thrash and grind bands. It seems like a lot of the kids that are playing that style of hardcore are sticking to the real spirit of the music, a lot more seemingly than so many of these newer east coast hardcore bands who engage in so much useless rhetoric and petty posturing.

Who needs an inexperienced kid preaching? I want to hear an inexperienced kid screaming about what really affects them in then everyday life, the same crap that I can relate to. Are you just an old school fiend or do you like some of newer metal influenced hardcore? The old bands like Agnostic Front, Bad Brains, Cro-Mags, DRI, all those bands are what I grew up on, the music that originally turned me on to the hardcore lifestyle and thought process.

Of course those are to remain my favorite music to listen to, but there are so many newer bands out there that are saying some very important shit, that are living hardcore and not just playing it. Whats your favorite old school hardcore band? Mine is Cro-Mags and Agnostic Front. My favorite old hardcore band will always be both the Bad Brains and the Cro-Mags. Those are the first two hardcore bands I ever heard, and their music will always inspire me.

Have you seen alot of violence and bullshit at shows? Whats the worst thing that has happened at one of your shows? There tends to be a certain element of violence at many of our shows, since we play many shows with the ultra-heavy bands out here on the east coast. It actually was not that bad by usual standards, the whole scenario was just dumb.

This guy is lying on the ground with his head split, and everyone is going off around him, swinging, spraying mace. Some of our friends were involved in both sides, so I just wanted to pack my crap and roll the fuck home. Whatever, I got better things to do. Is anyone in the band straight-edge? What do you think about all the sXe bashing that goes on because some bands talk to much shit? Yeah, Zac and the bass-temp Cole are straight-edge, while Rumon and I are not. This has nothing to do with our involvement in hardcore, I will not apologize for what I do. I respect the SxE community and lifestyle, but kids give way to much emphasis on it.

SXE bashing? I could care less. When the powers that be have constructed bombs and machinery that will reduce you and I to ash and scorched teeth and bile, when the omnipresent media forces deluge our lives with images of useless garbage and starving women, when our parents, teachers and authorities coerce us into working to buy, and buying to work, then I have a lot more important things to worry about and get frustrated with then SxE bashing.

Whats more likely to happen in the future: Hate disappearing or spreading? Because people have the tendency for ignorance and stupidty. A large portion of the populance is simply ignorant scum; you can educate them all you want, show them all sides of the situation, and the maggots will still adhere to their xenophobic and race- dividing dogmas. You can not rationalize it like some bleeding heart, people are scum. Hate will spread as it had, nothing will change more than likely.

I will just take what time I have living on this stinking cesspit and try to make the best of it, and enjoy it as much as possible. Like offer classes that train you for a certain trade? Fuck the workforce. Ever had an old friend say that to you? What new stuff can we expect from Strong Intention and your label. Fist Fight? Strong Intention will hopefully be working on a ton of new songs for upcoming compilations, and is talking to a few larger labels who can help us out with getting a full leght release, who knows.

They sound like Earth Crisis meets fucking Judge, without any dietary fucking lyrics. Real apocalyptic shit. Anything else you might want to say? No gods, no masters! Then I got a letter from Chris, who does Spineless Records, asking to do a trade. I mentioned that I wanted to interview Seized, but had heard that they broke up. He said they did and that he was in the band, but now played for Ire. Chris said if I was still interest, I could ask him some questions about Seized. Almost every Canadian hardcore band I can think of seems to be from the Quebec area. Not that many good bands at the same time though.

How long have you been doing Spineless Records? Do you only release stuff from the Quebec area? Do you feel like the music scene there is overlooked by us, Americans? What side are you on? The separatists are always hoping that the younger generations will be on their side. Lets talk about Seized. Who came up with the idea to have three bass players? I think Stef had the idea to try out Wag as a third bass player after a few months together. One bass is high distorted, second is more basic no distortion, and the third has a bit of distortion and is doing all the leads.

How would you describe Seized to someone? I read reviews with Seized being described as crusty, I called the first couple songs from splits as sludgecore, but the split with Ire was more like CopShootCop playing Black Metal. I think I say just listen to it. Who wrote the lyrics, which always seemed to be anti-human?

Will Earth ever be a calm and peaceful planet or will we one day destroy it all. Stef wrote all the lyrics. The earth will never be a peaceful planet but humans are too chicken to destroy it all. I thought the songs from the split with Ire were great! Did a lot of time go into writing and arranging those songs with all those changes in tempo, the violin player, and the use of singing? How did the band feel about that recording? Did the touring cause it? Were there any plans for any new releases before the break up?

Yeah touring caused it, after a two day break in Memphis, Tennessee, Frank decided he hated half of us and wanted to go back home. As it was his van, we kinda had no choice. As for plans for new releases, I was supposed to release a full LP. How did you hook up with Ire?

What the meaning behind the name? I was air-guitaring to their songs in my room for a while. At the some point I was suppose to replace the bass player for a tour but he got off school last minute and a few days after I got back from the Seized tour they asked me to join as the bass player was lacking integrity. Ire means an advanced state of anger.

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Ire, like Seized, have a pretty unique sound HC mosh, grind, death, and black metal all thrown together. Is the bands sound a combination of the members musical taste? Yeah it is. Are some of the members of Ire straight-edge? Yeah people in Ire are Straight-Edge or whatever.

Is having an abortion legal in Canada? Does this topic cause heated arguments like in America? Yeah abortion is legal and arguments are all the same. What can you tell about us your new band, Saturation? Would you consider it to be political? Will there be a demo out soon or maybe an ep? Thanks Chris! Keep churning out the goods.

There is nothing better than finding an unexpected package in your mailbox after work. Opstand Hi Olivier! Gone to EuroDisney lately? What do you think of it? My senior class went their for a trip, but I stayed home and skated. Hi Gil. First off, thanx for your interest. I was surprised when they built it in France. I figured they would build it Germany since more americans are stationed there. Are there any american bases in France?

I did not know there were that much americans in Germany. There are probably some americans in France. What do you think of the big american presence in Europe? In the area I lived Kaiserslautern, Germany , there was around , americans living there. Thats basically, amongst many other, the biggest presence and influences of the crappy?

French people do not speak as good English as German people where most of the kids and older people can speak this language so there might be a bigger U. I think that most american culture is bullshit. If I would have been raised in this small town, I would most likely be racist to a small degree, homophobic, and ignorant of foriegners. Do you agree that in a small way maybe some good can come out of it? You get to learn a lot from others, people, countries, communities.

Maybe more than at school. Whats going in France? Are those racist, who are trying to kick out all the Algerians, still gaining movement? Most of French citizens are racist to different degrees. There are quite a few who voted for the F. Fuck all those racist closeminded rednecks. Does France have school test like in Germany to see if you should go on to a university or to a trade school?

Yes, we have to pass an Exam to know if you are able to go to university or not. Is it not the same in the U. When you turn 18 are you required to join the army or do civil service for a year? Military service is compulsary in France as long as you are a boy and does not have major health problems. Thats ten months. You can choose to do a civil service but then, thats twenty months. Stupid right? In the next few years nobody will be forced to do it, which is cool for the younger kids.

As for myself, I stayed five days in the army and two and half weeks in a military hospital after I saw psychiatre psychologist? Then went home Does religion have any power in your government system? Same goes in France, there is suppose to be a separation of church and state. As far as I know. Fuck all those well minded Fuckers! Are there projects government housing in France? My English is not good enough. How about some fun questions? Do you scream from your throat or stomach? Fun questions. Go on Dude! Love that! I just close my eyes and some wierd noise are coming out of the throat.

Satan probably?? Do you partake in the Christian ritual of boozing, smoking, chasing women, and asking forgivesness from the porcelein God tiolet? Satan only likes straight-edgers! I thought that was what life was all about I can tell you for sure me hates straight edgers. Because I know, you should know why I know What release do you have out?

Whats coming out? How did you hook up a split with Spazz?

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They would probably do a split with the Spice Girls if asked. We did a first demo tape about a year and a half ago. Does your label. Murder Records, just put out Opstand stuff? If not what kind of bands do you look for? Lazyness ya know Hows the zine going? Lazyness as always. The zine might turn out as a one sheet thing if it ever comes out someday Thanks for the interview!

Thanx you Gil. Your zine kicks ass! Good luck with your zine and with life in general. Watch out for an awesome band from the same area as us Bordeaux , Jean Seberg Crazy Shit! So, Why Worry? Support French Hardcore! We Should Die was formed in Alaska, but now three-fourths of the band are in Oregon. They play heavy metal and wear lots of leather. Fields: Actually, its more of a statement of misanthrophy. Whats up with the band? Are still in hiatus? We would have have had more but Mark drummer and David screamer went knee-jerk and moved to Portland before the rest of us.

L: Maybe not Whats bands would you like to do a split with? F: We have a shrine dedicated to them and make offerings three times daily. Time to call you on your lyrical contents! What good could ending the drug war bring? F: The drug war is not so much a crusade to protect the citizens of the United States of America which, apparently, the drug using population are not a part of as it is a policy for the creation of a police state where privacy and personal rights supposedly granted by the constitution are subverted. I have a hard time listening to politicians say they care about the people affected by drugs when we spend far more money on police and prisons construction than treatment and rehab.

What can be done to raise I more upminded child? F: Too many people forhet that children are people, granted smaller and younger, but people none the less. Some parents will do far more horrible things to children than thtey ever would to adults. Letting the child be exposed to information from both sides of any situation and let them form their own opinions, even if they contradict with your own. F: Religion is a horrible thing to force on a kid. It is a philosophy of intolerance and fear, two things I would never want to raise my child on.

The glaring contradictions in the bible are really confusing for someone wanting to take it as a moral absolute. L: It kind of throws responsibility out the window. Instead of trying to solve the problems, they just pray while they persecute the victims. When is a person considered greedy?

F: When someone is willing to obtain anything at the expense of another. What demos do you got available? Are you still doing the tape label? If anyone wants it, just ask and it shall be yours. Yeah the label still exist sort of. Please write, I live for mail! Have an aneurysm yet!? Long live the evil empire of Alaska! We really appreciate it. Who is Hemlock and why should Christians be fearful? Hemlock is the essence of cruelity.

The rage that bums holes in Christs face. Total primitive blood lust and perversion. Christs followers will bum like churches. Destroy the Holy , they dp fear Hemlock. How long has Hemlock been on the crusade to crush the race of God? I noticed some your anti-christ propaganda dates back to What will you do to help begin the downfall of the Christian religion and its followers?

Destroy the holy with our mesages to our followers, the music and lyrics are more than enough. When you return to hell, which televangelist will you torture for all eternity? What hideous things will you do to him? They will all suffer razor slashes accompanied by salt. And I will not only destroy their families, but destroy anyone who stands before me. I just remember how strange it was. How is it determined if one should serve the Dark Master or become fuel to his fire?

So are fools who torture animals, especially them. What rituals will lead me on the path of damnation? Total Alcholocaust. The power of hash. Behold the rise of die serpent. What happens if I decide not to walk into the darkness and shoun the light? What does norwegian folklore and vikings have in common with Black Metal? Are bands that sing about stuff like that, plotting the downfall of the true bringers of Heavens destruction?

We are not from Norway so why ask? Where does your inspiration come from? The Ancient Ones. I am done. I hope your punishment of me in hell will be most servere! Uncreated, Ceremonium, Terror of the Trees. Fuck grind. Fuck squats. Fuck you. Go out and kill powerviolence homos. Also a special hail to animals, may you torture humanity for eternity. Hail the Animal Kingdom!

Ha, ha,ha. Then buy the rest and continue the eardrum destruction. How come in the thanks list of die split with Apt. Brian - Because F. That was the last record, but we still have some comp, shit to cum out. Spence - It says that because F. We have not been a band in two years. What did you think of that recording? B - Everytime I listen to that recording I cum right in my shorts. Muddy is F. It is a bit muddy, but what do you expect for a 4- track recording. What kind of benefits come with being in the F.

Do you get free Emporer records? B - You get to suck our docks, give us money, tell us how cool we are, no free nothing. S - You get a great health insurance plan and all the free Emperor records you want. How did you know? B - No, you can say what the fuck you want. Have you ever lost a good friend to the cool crowd? Did you ever have one of them tell you how childish it was to listen to hardcore or to be skateboarder?

S - Yes, yes It was Brian. Who skates in the band? Any horrible injury stories? B - Skateboarding is about looking like a homo, listening to , and stopping when you get your drivers license. Me and Spencer. I lost a ball and some teeth but I found them later. S - Yes, Brian and I have been skating for about seven years. We have fucked ourselves up a lot.

I once had a knot in my hip that was the size of a baseball. B - Witchcraft coven LP. Whats it like up there in Iowa? Are the local townfolks scared of you crazy satanist? B - A bunch of fuckheads. Wait, alley Rutledge is a cool band from Ottumwa. I look like a normal retard anyway. S - It sucks. Yes, scared to death. What black metal band would you kill to do a split with? Just to name a few.

Do you have any cool stickers or shirts for me to buy? B - Not anymore. Spence may have a shirt left. S -1 might have one shirt left.

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Any plans for a tour? Take drugs, drown yourself in music, have sex with stupid stuff like pudding and kill yourself. S - Just the Mil. Metal fest. But you are right? Brian Carroll, N. Davis St. Pll have to get a hold those some how. They hav a bunch of new releases on the way, so I hope you can pick at least one of them up. Seven Foot Speen, eh! I bet that hurts. Is there any meaning with the name? It was just something I came up with.

We did find out later though that spleen means animosity or hatred. I was just thinking about the body part. Chad D. Jon - It just worked that way. How long have you been together? Was it hard finding people to play in heavy non-popular type musical adventure? Josh - drums, Chad D. I had known all these guys for awhile already. Josh - Chad got Scott to play bass, but suggested we add a second guitarist.

I knew Chad W. It all came together pretty easy. Jon - Scott quit about a year and a half ago though. We were going to get another bass player but decided against it. CD -1 filled in on bass for awhile but now we just use two guitars. Do you think that boredom can be an emotional type sickness that can lead us to do things we might regret? Its not a song on the record. CW - It was a nckname we had for someone we knew. Alot of times the titles have nothing to do with the song.

Just shit we come up with off the top of our heads. Anything else out? CD - Yeah, Rhodhiss Records is our own label. The guy was a total slack ass! We had the songs and our half of the money right off and it took him like seven months to finally come up with his part of the deal. Jon - He was supposed to pay for and supply the covers, but we ended up doing it ourselves just to get it out.

Thats why the Fuck Inane Records is on the back cover. What other releases do you have out? Thats legendary status right there. Our song was originally going to be on Vol. Its going to be all slow, heavy shit. Thats going to be out around April I think. Everyone adds a little something to each song. At the same time I see old friends doing the adult thing or whatever. ATFD - which stands for Alcoholic Tapewonn Fuck Dogs another song where the title has nothing to do with the song is about someone who was raped and is trying to come to grips with it.

Do you find it easier to write about personal stuff instead of maybe something political? Does it help vent your anger or depression when you scream out your troubles? Jon -1 mostly just write about shit that directly affects me. My lyrics are personal outlook on life and relationships. What direction would you like the band to go in? Josh - We just want to play as much as possible. Maybe get to the point where we can quit our jobs and just write and play music all the time. Jon - Maybe when we first started out we were influenced by Sabbath sounding bands, but not as much now.

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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (10/10) Movie CLIP - Shotgun Wedding (1954) HD

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Thus, this sacred pillar overhung the big sanctuary of the Externsteine, which stands very close to the city of Horn the name is important because of the shape of the IRMINSUL — which has what appear to be horns. The Externsteine stands as the beacon of the heathen world, the most holy stead, certainly, of the Northern Tradition yesterday and today, but also one of the most important religious and cultural centres of the archaic Europa. We would have a lot of elements to develop concerning the Externsteine and the sacred pillar.

I shall only concentrate on specific points. Just let me tell you two or three small points. In former texts, I have given my preference to this latter solution.

It is a very long demonstration. Just to understand, I give you here some tracks to follow to understand this identification between Yggdrasil and Heimdal. We know the links between men and trees in the north. The first man and woman were created from trees. Yggdrasil is the sacred tree and Heimdal the god of men, of the human society when he creates the three functions. The Yggdrasil tree is the link between the world, a bridge, like the Bifrost rainbow. However, Heimdal is the warder of the bridge.

The real meaning of this name — Heimdal — is mysterious, but it is sure that it conveys an idea of pillar. This Heimdal — for a lot of reasons — is bound to some ideas of universal origin and support. It is a threat for the world, but it is the world and its support itself. In the Germanic countries, columns were often raised on geomantic or symbolic places crossroads, city centres. In England, they are often called perrons, market cross or butter cross or staple.

It is an allusion to Roland, the Carolingian hero of Roncevaux battle, the friend of Charlemagne. In fact, behind Roland, we must see the archetypal representation of a Horn bearer or a Horn blower anyway, it would have been — and it is — strange and paradoxical to take the name of a Carolingian hero, as the Carolingians destroyed the Irminsul. Roland is famous for his horn. Thus, we could again go very far in our explanations.

Rudolf von Fulda, a Christian missionary, spoke of an universal columns quasi sustinens omnia universal column, supporting almost anything. Adam of Brema described Yggdrasil and the sacred tree of Uppsala in similar terms. The wonderful stead of the Externsteine has been patterned by nature as a sanctuary. It is constituted of seven main rock sandstone blocks 30 meters high overhanging a small lake. A hole is pierced in the eastern wall. On the summer solstice dawn, the sun goes through this hole and come to touch the opposite wall. On the wall, the sun creates suddenly the shape of a dagger, then a sword and finally a spear.

Just near, we have a representation of the one-eyed Odin. But at the bottom of the rock 1, at the entrance of a cave, we have also the very old statue of a key-bearer character. It is named today Saint Peter. In fact, it has exactly the shape of the Roman two-faced God Janus, warder of the doors and especially the year doors, the solstices , which we call Jolnir that is Odin himself, god of the Yule tide. Another Odinic paradox! It seems that the holy stead of the Externsteine has been used during at least four thousands years. Since the prehistory, it would have been used, as an astronomical observatory.

All the configuration — and curiously the natural configuration — proves that it marks the movement of the stars, of the eclipses, and the dates of the solstice. It would have been the lunar counterpart of the solar Externsteine. Concerning this last one, we have a strange chronicle of the monk Widukind of Corvey.

He said that this column had been set at the entrance of the conquered city of Fulda by the Saxons after a victory against the Thuringians. According to the German author and symbolist, Walter Blachetta, the shape of the Irminsul recalls the Horns of an Aries. In this way, this classical theory would demonstrate that the Irminsul is a male symbol. This symbolism would show that any life bears in itself the becoming and the end. It symbolizes the end of the journey on Yggdrasil. But this end may also be the end of the initiation, the total achievement.

But, first we could also associate the shape of the Irminsul to the shape of a tree see ehwaz, symbol of life. We can consider that the archetypal expression of centrality, of vertebrality, which is the world tree of the Northern Tradition has never find a more wonderful representation other than the Irminsul. And despite its destruction, it has survived with the same symbolism of centrality and bridge between the worlds and the humans and gods.

Who bore this function of bridge? The king. And the Irminsul modified its shape to become the royal Fleur de Lis which can be found on the Sceptre. The symbolic image of the tree has been perpetuated by the Christians. When they destroyed the sacred trees, they introduced at the same time the cross.

But the first crosses in Germany had the forms of the Ehwaz rune, the Yew rune, the tree of life. The precise place of passage of the axis is called Thula. In the sky, it is the North star, the Polar star. Around it turn the great and the little Bears as the branches of the Fylfot or Svastika an old solar concept.

Often the Irminsul is represented with the great or the little bears and the polar star above. It came from another organisation, the Order of Germans, which had the Irminsul with the Great Bears, as symbol comes from the Sanskrit Tula, which mean Balance and this is another name for the great Bear. However, I shall once again highlight my main points:. If recent scholarly speculation is true which I have in more detail in this post on Heimdall , Heimdall may have been the embodiment of the World Tree, which was probably the same as the Irminsul.

Yes there exists a coincidence between W ars and M ars and those that have E ars to see the obvious. In the iron age the irony of gravity is that we can use the iron cross and the swastika to unify the world and make it golden again? In the Ethiopian Orthodox Tradition, the commonly used prayer ropes are those with 41, and 64 beads, also known as a Mequteria. Some monks and hermits use to beads, or even more than that.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. Thou are virgin in thy mind. Thou are virgin in thy body. Hail Mary, Mother of Almighty God. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. Rejoice Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee.

Sador the piercing on the ribs by the lancet , Alador the piercing on the right hand , Danat the piercing on the left palm , Adera the piercing on right foot , Rodas the piercing on the left foot 41 times. Our Mother Mary we pray unto thee. We beseech thee to protect us from the evil beast. Virgin, in the name of Anna your mother, and Joachim your father, bless our congregation today!! For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed. For he that is mighty hath done to me great things; and holy is his name.

And his mercy is on them that fear him from generation to generation. He hath shewed strength with his arm; he hath scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts. He hath put down the mighty from their seats, and exalted them of low degree. He hath filled the hungry with good things; and the rich he hath sent empty away. He hath helped his servant Israel, in remembrance of his mercy; As he spake to our fathers, to Abraham, and to his seed for ever.

These are the 14 common recitations by all those who use the Mequteria. One can, however, add more according to his or her needs or interests. When using a 64 bead Mequteria all the prayers recited 41 times, will instead, be recited 64 times. Those prayers recited 7, or 12 times remain the same.

Thank you for taking an interest in these holy and mystical prayers. They have been a great blessing in my life, and I know they shall bless others. Please know that we do not use the Egyptian Book of the Dead! Also, we do not subscribe to the use of magical palindromes or other occultic practices. Thus, our Church condemns astrology and occultism in the strongest possible terms. As with all holy things, satan will try to pervert them and misguided people will misappropriate them for evil purposes.

Satan is always trying to misappropriate holy things for his perverted purposes. As Christians we must guard ourselves against these demonic deceptions. Therefore we focus on the names of these five wounds and meditate on their redemptive power. This is far more spiritually productive than delving into the magical uses of palindromes, astrology, numerology, etc. After all these years of searching for something which I could not quite define but I knew it divine, I can now say unequivocally what it was that my inner wisdom, some might call it genius was leading me too … the Photon.

This second image contains an idea added by the author of this blog that has been superimposed over the theoretically predicted photon hologram. Note that wars is an anagram of Mars. What you will find as you plough your way through this blog is how the variations of the 4-fold crusader crosses like the Maltese Cross keep appearing in so many various theories put forth by various wise guys from so many different fields of interest, scientific, theological, and of course metaphysical. This quote sums up an idea nicely. Protons and electrons are bound by interactions with photons.

Yes I have come full fool circle. Going in opposing directIONS? But it is obvious that he either borrowed the idea from Roman Catholic Dominicans or from the order of the Teutonic Knights who fought in the crusades who had the same color scheme, except the cross was not hooked. Did Hitler know about the Teutonic Knights? He chased them out of Germany along with the Freemasons in fact. But the following image is similar to how the above image of the clock does not immediately yield both ideas.

Would this be a good time to mention King Solomon had wives pushing him to the edge and concubines pulling on his chain? Yes I think so. I just found a great clue, the 3 and 7. Sure I did. Note that I have also prefixed the title of this blog with the year Details to follow…this is so important, merging the mandala with a pole star meditation prescribed by Patanjali.

The following image is an optical illusion. It is not an animation. But yet it stills moves….? But it is distinguished by the fact that it is one of the most important of them from the functional point of view. This lecture was given the year I retired from the fire department, But I did not come across it until several years later, when I was ready to appreciate its implications. There exist four basic micro static patterns that are the building blocks to consciousness. Now if our left hand is associated to the right brain and the right hand is associated to the left brain then what are we to make of that last biblical statement?

When Gautama Buddha had withdrawn all his projections and was ready to enter nirvana, he was surprised to find that there had emerged a new kind of love towards the world. Meditation directly affects your brain wave activity, this has been proven by science. Couch potatoes usually have the blood flowing to their jelly belly, to their intestines in order to digest donuts etc.

What is more beneficial to your well being? It must be regarded as primordial. No single phenomenal category can be claimed as the aboriginal principle. We cannot say, in the beginning was number, or in the beginning was symmetry, etc. These are categorical properties which are implicit in what brings forth and what is brought forth.

By using them in description we approach the heart of the matter. They are not themselves the creative power. Perhaps someone else knows more, but not I. Will we finally see the light or maybe even feel it? Maybe both. At the same time? One of the aspects that I have loved about my intuitive journey is how it anticipates what I will find … next?

Personally I had been sitting on the fence all my life, a fence that divided science and religion, and neither had appealed to me, their narratives were lacking something profound. And JC provided the missing link using the power of myth. The initials of my former marriage therapist psychiatrist are in fact JC and we were born 4 days apart in , June 30 and July 3.

Today JC who is my ELder by 4 days helps me explore the playground called the mind and heart using archetypes and the power of myth. Of course I would be a fool not to pursue the mandala clue that CJ had provided for his readers, essentially suggesting that I pick up where he left off? Here we have an opportunity to stand on the shoulders of a giant and see a bigger picture? I found this quote by CG Jung in this book on page Even the page number speaks to me.

What symbol do I have on my right hand? And this blog of mine will introduce the reader to who I AM. This has been documented by Marilee Zdenek. All those fancy technological gizmos are NOT necessary though they could help some people in some situations, achieve progress. Do you understand how allegory, myth, and history all represent bits and bytes of a narrative being passed forward? Below I provide the 6 mandalas that are to be used in 6 lessons over a consecutive 6 day period as outlined in the book.

I guess you could call it a program designed to alter your 6 protons , 6 neutrons , 6 electrons , a. I need not change anything the book says. I only want to add to the knowledge currently being recovered. An important aspect of my personal narrative is the above image that I photographed in This image was primarily responsible for me leaving the fire department on July 31, As this link illustrates. Being part of an altar it was probably designed to light a spark deep within me. Take note of numbers 3, 4, and 5.

Those would be the 3 sutras of Patanjali that I will be focusing on. Especially 3 the Pole Star medtiation. I will expand on the primacy of this idea in upcoming blogs. Beta 40 cycles per second. Beta is associated with our waking activity. During a day we experience all the brainwave patterns with a predominance of Beta. Alpha cycles per second. The first pattern discovered in by an Austrian Psychiatrist named Hans Berger.

Alpha pattern appears when in wakefulness where there is a relaxed and effortless alertness. Light meditation and day dreaming. It is recommend to practice your creative visualization and auto-suggestion technique in alpha state. Theta cycles per second. Associated with creativity, dreams and Extra-sensory perception for the student the theta state is something to learn to go at will.

They are countless ways to reach theta , so I will not talk about that. Theta is simply the state where your ESP can operates , if you do the proper work you can learn to enter theta at will and perform most of the psychic activities. Now, we use the EEG to measure the thing.

The EEG has limitation specially I can tell you for example to go in theta to perform consciousness travel in the past centuries to meet with the consciousness of a Leonardo DaVinci. The EEG cannot measure this and this feat occur certainly somewhere beyond Delta. Delta is associated with deep sleep, this pattern is very slow, however, this brain waves pattern is important for the explorer of consciousness , the EEG is no help to grade, when occur X or Y in the delta range.

If you work to merge with the mass consciousness of our planet you need to work in delta, the first step will be to learn to be conscious in your dreams, you can do that, you can go further in the exploration. Astral projection or Out of Body experience occurs in Delta. The EEG will not be able to really measure in what state you are in, because, it is not a sophisticated machine. Having said that. I love advertising that makes me laugh…. Or astrologically speaking, the human head represent Aquarius, the lion represents Leo, the ox represents Taurus and the eagle Scorpio. If you can proceed … if this makes you angry proceed … if you feel like fleeing … please do not.

After all these years of searching for something which I could not quite define but I knew it divine, I can now say unequivocally what it was that my inner wisdom, some might call it genius was leading me too … the Photon Knight a cosmic crusader. Hologram of a single photon reconstructed from raw measurements left and theoretically predicted right.

The End-stone — The supporting stone on the far wall of the chamber is also heavily carved. It is this stone that receives the midsummer sunlight. This stone is sandstone, the nearest source being 10km distant. This number is found in Stonehenge …known as the Aubrey holes. In the two rows of lines ending in curves at Lochmariaquer, 29 can be counted pointing to the left and 27 pointing to the right… In round numbers, 29 days are in fact the period which elapses between two similar phases of the moon…called a moon lunation or a synodic month.

In a space of 27 days the moon returns to the same place in the sky… a sidereal month. This idea receives further confirmation if the small semi-circles on the left hand side are counted. There are This is also a significant number as the moon takes 19 Which brings me to the next idea that needs to be pointed out. The capstone resting on the back stone with the numerical code has a hafted axe depicted on it. An axe on the capstone resting on the apex of a pyramidal stone supporting it.

And then we find this next association which allows us to ponder a new narrative unveiled by the mystic Oswald Wirth. This time we find the axe not part of the capstone but apparently hierarchical to the capstone itself balancing on the point. AM I splitting hairs? Now clearly the question remains, what is vital conclusion we must arrive at due to the profound associations between the axe, the unfinished apex of the Great Pyramid, the polestar Polaris, the point, the crown, and the TEACHER a. Others then received them into their hands, that they might overlook them in their respective periods, every shepherd in his own period.

The eagle instructed them all. They neither left them their body, nor their skin, nor their muscles, until their bones alone remained; until their bones fell upon the ground. And the sheep became diminished. Book of Enoch — books, christ, noah, ewalds, third, christian …. Number 37 as indicative of fruitful pathways of transformation? The entire problem of ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian mathematics is now undergoing serious reconsideration within the mathematical community, and all speculation like mine must be considered tentative perhaps for further generations.

McClain which can not be ignored, due to its brilliance and because it aligns itself with what appears to be a truth as the following two patterns recovered clearly illustrates. But on a more serious note it is important to realize that the scholars have identified those distinct segments. Why did the Egyptians have 37 decans if one decan was equal to 10 degrees and a circle is degrees? I just want to point out that 37 is a factor of all triples below Similar x and y axis geometry depicted between Christ held in place by four angels and the Cross of Lalibela being wielded in the hand of one priest.

Coincidentally the same geometry is depicted in a zygote and a much longer cycle that takes , years. Horus openeth the mouth, Horus openeth the mouth,. Horus openeth the mouth with the iron which cometh forth from Set, wherewith he hath opened the mouth of Osiris. With the iron tool meskhet wherewith he opened the mouths of the gods doth he open the mouth.

Hail, Horus openeth thy mouth and thy two eyes with the instrument Seb-ur or Teman ,[3] with the instrument Tun-tet of the Opener of the Roads i. Horus the Great[4] cometh to embrace thee. I, thy son who loveth thee, have opened thy mouth and thy two eyes. His mother beateth her breast in grief while she embraceth him, and the two sisters i. All the gods open thy mouth according to the book of the service. Another big LIE in mainstream Egyptology that is used to cover up the FIBS Fibonacci and phi and fudge with history is that there is no evidence of the swastika in Egypt prior to the Hellenization of Egypt by the Greeks arriving bearing gifts and I guess ceiling tiles, part of the temple remodeling?

We are also to believe King Solomon and the third temple yet to be built is central to not only biblical themes but also central to both organizations the Freemasons and the Knights Templar. If you take King Solomon out of the bible, the Freemasons and Knights Templar lose the focus or theme of their narrative too. Another coincidence? I have highlighted in blue the obvious to be found in the image below.

The benevolent true blue nano swastika light mill motor which has been hidden in plain sight. His reign was a period of unprecedented prosperity and artistic splendour, when Egypt reached the peak of her artistic and international power. Every Egyptian temple had a sacred lake, and the one at Karnak Temple was the largest. Used daily by the priests for purification, the sacred lake was also used in festivals during which images of the gods would travel across the lake in boats.

The lake measures x 77 meters and was surrounded by storerooms and homes of the priests. Now I want to show you where they hid the swastikas in Egypt and other places where the swastikas are not so evident. This quote is taken from an publication. Page And how do we find water being symbolized in Egypt.

Can we find a link between the swastika and the symbols for water in Egypt? Maybe we should call the swastika a NaNo NuNo super hero? The central position of the N may also be significant. An Early Christian Cryptogram? Now we have two great confirmations, and both publications were somewhat shunned by the mainstream back when they were published. Did you notice the MN immediately, and then the PR , did they seem familiar? R is also in two of the corners, southeast and northwest. S is in the northeast and southwest.

The Egyptians considered 3, 6 and 7 most sacred numbers. Three represented the Triple Goddess, six meant her union with God; seven meant the Seven Harthos, seven planetary spheres, seven-gated holy city, seven-year reigns of kings, and so forth. The miraculous number is the product of 3 X 6 X You would think the number would be And this is the writing that was inscribed: mina , mina , shekel , half-mina.

This is the interpretation of the matter: mina , God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end; shekel , you have been weighed on the scales and found wanting; half-mina , your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians. The divine menace against the dissolute Belshazzar, whose kingdom was to be divided between the Medes and Persians, was swiftly realized.

The inscription interpreted by Daniel Dan. Mene should be pronounced so as to rhyme with bewray, and tekel with bewail. A sampling of where my magnum opus is headed. Roman soldiers at Dura-Europos c. AD based on a wall painting and archaeological finds. Whenever I read the five words of the Sator square, they make me think of The Parable of the Sower, which is found in the New Testament.

The man keeps the word, he possesses it, and it grows without effort. Such as a healthy, mature plant will produce seed and will reproduce many times fold, so the word when sown into a man who keeps it, will grow and be fruitful. The farmer sows the word. Some people are like seed along the path, where the word is sown. As soon as they hear it, Satan comes and takes away the word that was sown in them. Others, like seed sown on rocky places hear the word and at once receive it with joy. But since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away.

Still others, like seed sown among thorns, hear the word; Others, like seed sown on good soil, hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop — thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times what was sown. But the problem is that we can trace it to the Tablet of Karnak as of just the other day. Is it possible to summarize significant stories of the Bible with just 5 words? Discover how first-time Author Clifford Ross Marshall Pierre makes a compelling case that this feat is absolutely possible and has already been accomplished by none other than Jesus Christ himself.

After a chance encounter with Bishop T.

sentiment-analyzer/wuvyvedaryto.ga at master · debugger22/sentiment-analyzer · GitHub

Jakes during a church sponsored autograph book signing, Mr. The Sator Square has always been considered as graffiti originated by the Knights Templars and the Roman Army, but as the author explains, those images are really not graffiti at all. Those artful designs are actually secret messages which are imbedded within the Sator Square and safeguarded in plain sight on the walls of prison cells and towns throughout Europe.

An ole high school friend named Jill shared the following video with my inner Jack today. As the above image of Homer illustrates sometimes my inner Jack can be a Jerk. By the way Jack who fell down the hill and broke his crown was given a push by his inner Jill …. This signal, he says, is in our genetic code. Highly preserved across cosmological timescales, it has been waiting there, like an encrypted message, for anyone qualified to read it.

All of the teeming varieties of life on Earth — from kangaroos and daffodils to albatrosses and us — carry it within them. And now Makukov, along with his mentor, mathematician Vladmir shCherbak of the alFarabi Kazakh National University in Almaty, claims to have cracked it. If they are right, the answer to life, the universe and everything is… Esoterically the base of 4 is linked to Isis, the rise of 3 is Osiris, and the hypotenuse is 5 or Horus. Important to note that the base and hypotenuse form the angLE of 37 degrees and the apex and hypotenuse form an angle of 53 degrees.

Especially since my rebirth at age 47, it is a fact that has been documented by me that certain numbers began to speak to me in ways they never did before. I even began to entertain ideas like we choose our parents and maybe the time and place of our birth too. And clearly the other pattern that keeps recurring are the numbers 3 and 7 associated with the idea of gravity, 2 pillars, pushing and pulling. And that is what this blog is all about, helping to illustrate a paradox. And he coincidentally had concubines pull ing on his chain too.

Comes in three flavours, or types, referred to as muon, tau and electron These flavours are able to oscillate — flip from one type to another — during flight. Photographed and animated by Nina Paley. You are now officially a player, maybe even a Master Builder in search of a grid to build upon.

We can clearly see the grid demarcated by lines of latitude and longitude. So what do you do next as the Great Dictator knowing what you know? Is this what you would do if you were the Great Dictator to come….? Now to be allowed entry into that temple room, where you get to play and toy with the world, you would need to know about some of the basics of what makes the world go round.

The following is the very least that a Great Dictator should be acquainted with.


An Impressive Theory … simple, all embracing, with the range of gravity …. An IDEA worth passing on from one generation unto the next for perpetuity, as an insurance policy? The universal idea reduced to what seems to be an overriding archetype. This is an idea worthy to be passed forward from one generation to the next? Is it difficult to find this same overriding archetype being exploited in other CULTures the world over? Flinders Petrie did that work for all of us. This is a great compendium of decorative patterns found in the ancient world.

The book cover of his scholarly work has undergone many changes in the many reprints since its original publication. Flinders Petrie starts off his study with the same archetype that I AM has been focused on for nearly 10 years. But this should be expected because the Tarot is obviously obvious to me helping to pass forward an archetypal idea that we should not lose sight of. Yes I agree, there should be correspondences or associations between the two.

On March 17th, an announcement was made that confirms what I AM now sharing. There are rumors of a big bang Nobel prize. Scientists call it B-mode polarisation. It is a characteristic twist in the directional properties of the CMB. Only the gravitational waves moving through the Universe in its inflationary phase could have produced such a marker. What if some of us tend to be more red positive than blue negative?

Is it because red light is receding away from the observer and blue light is approaching? A map of CMB polarization takes the form of little line segments on the sky — the direction of the net oscillation in the electric field. The difference is that B-modes have a net twist to them as you travel around in a circle. That sounds a little loosey-goosey, but there is a careful mathematical way of distinguishing between the two kinds. One such effect is gravitational lensing — the deflection of light by matter in between us and the CMB.

But now the rumor is that the BICEP2 experiment has found a signature of honest-to-goodness B-modes from primordial gravitational waves. I love this video, it discusses Euclidean Prop. Bronowski is magical in this video. And of course the video lead me back to the book I had on my shelf collecting dust…it was full of wows of course. The best part is that it was published in , the same year the BBC series came out. Two more coincidences while we are discussing the numbers It is documented that Schwaller had his epiphany in and published in Who better qualified to do the recovery?

As Jacob Bronowski suggests — this theorem is central to the empire building that would still be going on today based on this principle of the right angle triangle.

A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2 (Angry Women Series) A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2 (Angry Women Series)
A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2 (Angry Women Series) A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2 (Angry Women Series)
A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2 (Angry Women Series) A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2 (Angry Women Series)
A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2 (Angry Women Series) A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2 (Angry Women Series)
A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2 (Angry Women Series) A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2 (Angry Women Series)
A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2 (Angry Women Series) A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2 (Angry Women Series)
A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2 (Angry Women Series) A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2 (Angry Women Series)
A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2 (Angry Women Series) A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2 (Angry Women Series)
A Bride For Seven Brothers #1&2 (Angry Women Series)

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