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His prophecies are the kind of thing that Bethel students aspire to. Bolz asks if there is a girl named Luna in the audience, and of course, there is.

Then she starts to talk again, and it sounds like she is trying to qualify her answer. The promenade in downtown Redding, California, is reflected in the windows of an abandoned store, Sept. Paul Davis has lived in Redding most of his life. They bring in millions of dollars, and they do a lot of good for the community. As a Christian who loves his city, Davis is torn, he says. It sits nestled at the foot of snow-peaked mountains, surrounded by Douglas fir trees and rivers and the glassy, clear blue waters of Lake Shasta. Four hours away from wild, liberal San Francisco, Redding once had a familiar story: good blue-collar jobs, safe and friendly neighborhoods, families who passed their time boating and fishing and hunting.

Lonnie Johnson sits with all his possessions on a sidewalk in Redding, California, Sept. Johnson has been homeless in Redding for nearly a year. Redding is different now. Homelessness keeps climbing. Shasta County hospitals see three times the number of overdoses than the rest of the state averages. Now residents swap stories of people found shooting up in the streets, cars broken into with cinderblocks in fits of desperation, and stores robbed, repeatedly, in broad daylight.

Dallas Prayer Tower

In a troubled city caught in a downward spiral, there is one bright spot: Bethel. The church has brought droves of eager young people, many of them educated, to Redding. They all need a place to stay, food to eat, coffee to drink. They've opened trendy coffee shops, bakeries, and ethnic restaurants, even tech companies.

They have begun to raise families here. There are so many people that have come to town for us. The city budget in Redding has long been tight. For years, the city-owned Redding Civic Auditorium was crumbling, its interior in disrepair, its funding and future always in question. It seemed inevitable that the Civic would, eventually, be forced to close down. In , though, the Civic found an unlikely savior: Bethel.


The church created a nonprofit and used it to lease the Civic. On weekends, the center hosted the same concerts and events it always had. During the week, the Civic became the home of the School of Supernatural Ministry and its more than 1, first-year students from all around the globe. The Civic was, for Bethel, a first step — a toe in the waters. Since then, the church has become increasingly intertwined with the city. Last year, a local nurse and Bethel elder, Julie Winter, ran for city council and won, buoyed by far more in political contributions than her opponents. Residents bristled.

The city accepted. But Bethel needs something from the city, too. What if it had become a major local employer, created some of the most popular music and other media in its industry and brought literally thousands of educated, interesting people from around the world to Redding?

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To Anita Brady, who has lived her entire life in Redding, that is the exactly the problem: As Bethel steadily erodes a boundary between itself and the city, it moves closer to violating the separation of church and state, she says. In comment after comment on news stories and on Facebook, residents responded angrily to the news.

Redding city councilwoman Julie Winter, right, meets with city public works director and assistant city manager Brian Crane in Redding, California, Sept. Winter is an elder in the Bethel Church.

Meet The "Young Saints" Of Bethel Who Go To College To Perform Miracles

That turned out to be just the beginning, Brady says. In August, a group linked to Bethel opened a taxpayer-funded public charter school , Tree of Life, on the campus of an elementary school that was shuttered because of declining enrollment. At the very theological roots of Bethel and other churches like it is the "seven mountains mandate," a belief that Christ will only return to Earth when true believers bring God into seven spheres: religion, family, education, government, media, arts, and business. But thanks to Redding, Bethel offers a unique test case.

Though she ran on a secular campaign of economic revitalization and curbing homelessness and drug addiction, she says she is deeply influenced by her faith. On Facebook they trade the same videos over and over again to prove it. In a letter to the editor of the Record Searchlight , a woman named Marilyn Lee said what many in Redding had been thinking: that the stream of foreigners, money, and young, educated tech talent coming to Bethel could leave Redding unrecognizable.

I would be willing to make a guess that that is not the vision of the majority of the people living here. My vision is to keep it as it is. When I ask about Bethel, most Redding residents who are opposed to the church return to the same story from nearly a decade ago, in A group that included Bethel students were drinking at the top of a cliff on the banks of the broad Sacramento River.

Instead, they tried to climb down so that they could faith-heal him. They never found him, and for six hours, he lay bleeding and unconscious in the dark at the foot of the cliff. He survived, but was paralyzed. The students were found to be not at fault in a suit.

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  • Nearly everyone in the Facebook group, it seems — and many outside of it — has their own private version of this story. They are no longer allowed to prophesy to tourists around the bridge. Donna Zibull has lived in Redding for more than 40 years, working as a housekeeper and hospital cleaner until a back injury forced her to retire on disability.

    It was Bethel churchgoers, Zibull says, who found him and ran to his side. As he gasped for breath, they began to pray for healing, letting long minutes tick by without calling Eventually, someone in the group called an ambulance, and Orian was taken to the hospital, some 15 minutes after his attack began, Zibull says. They gave her daughter a piece of prophetic art, she said, a drawing they said had been made by a Bethel child. They were giving these prophecies about how he was going to be raised from the dead. They said there was going to be a miracle. Orian died four days later.

    Several months after this article was published, the woman who said she called , Andrea Martin, reached out to BuzzFeed News with a different version of events than the ones Zibull had described.

    Prayer Music For Manifesting Miracles ➤ Connect To The Holy Spirit - Talk To God ➤639Hz Growing Love

    Martin, a Bethel churchgoer, gave a detailed account of the incident when she found Orian gasping for breath in the street: once she realized he was having an asthma attack, she said she immediately returned to her house to get her cell phone and call , asking her neighbors, who were watching, to pray for him as she called. When she returned, she tipped Orian's head back to clear his air passageway, as paramedics had instructed her. Only a "minute and a half" elapsed, at most, between her call and when she first found Orian, Martin claimed. God answered her prayer by not only blessing them with a job in the same city, but also in the same company.

    Beverly from Illinois - testifies about a growth in her body for the past 10 years, called the prayer tower for healing in her body. After much prayer the growth shrank and she was completely healed. Isaac Joseph from Connecticut - Called for prayer for his fathers healing from a stroke, and due to which he was on feeding tube for 2 years, after much prayer, he called up testifying that his father was completely healed and does not need a feeder tube anymore.

    The Lord answered his faith by granting him a job on January 25th in the same city. She is cancer free!

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    No surgery was necessary. Jesus Calls International Inc. Share this page:. No one had any food, except for one boy who had five loaves of bread and two fishes. Perhaps they should send all the people back to the villages so they could eat. Jesus told the disciples to have the people sit down on the grass, and they would be fed. The Apostles were astonished. There were 5, men, plus women and children. How could they feed all those people? But the Apostles did as Jesus commanded them. The baskets of food were passed around the crowd.

    Everyone ate and felt full, and yet when they were done, more food was left in the baskets than when they began. It was a miracle.

    MAP: Miracles And Prayer MAP: Miracles And Prayer
    MAP: Miracles And Prayer MAP: Miracles And Prayer
    MAP: Miracles And Prayer MAP: Miracles And Prayer
    MAP: Miracles And Prayer MAP: Miracles And Prayer
    MAP: Miracles And Prayer MAP: Miracles And Prayer
    MAP: Miracles And Prayer MAP: Miracles And Prayer
    MAP: Miracles And Prayer MAP: Miracles And Prayer
    MAP: Miracles And Prayer MAP: Miracles And Prayer

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