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So I definitely grabbed this book off a library shelf because young Lulu looks like a teeny tiny Edna Mode. You see it too, right?! She enacts all sorts of elaborate schemes to get rid of babysitter Sonia Solinsky, but Ms. Solinsky has a secret that may just make Lulu see the error in her ways. The Boxcar Children books were first published back in and are pretty much considered classic mystery books for kids.

The series follows the four orphaned Aiden children who decide to live in an abandoned boxcar in the forest. In the first book, The Boxcar Children , the kids learn that they have a grandfather but initially run from him, believing him to be a cruel and scary old man. This turns out happily not to be the case, and the books that follow in the series each revolve around a mystery that the children solve together.

There are at least eight books in the series, my favorite of which is Meg Mackintosh and the Mystery in the Locked Library. A Rabbit Tale of Mystery is a middle grade mystery-comedy about a fanged rabbit who might be a vampire.

"Sabrina" star Kiernan Shipka also weighs in on the challenges of acting while on Benadryl.

When the Monroe family finds a peculiar little bunny at a screening of Dracula , they decide to bring him home with them. They call him Bunnicula and introduce him to pets Harold the dog and Chester the cat. Strange things start to happen around Bunnicula, convincing Chester that this fluffy bunny guy is a vampire. He sets out to prove his theory—is Bunnicula really a bloodsucking bunny, or is it all a big misunderstanding? They soon make a startling discovery: The boys set off to solve this strange and scary mystery and find themselves on an adventure beyond their wildest imaginations.

Why is he known as Encyclopedia Brown? Because of all the random facts, figures and trivia stored in his pretty remarkable memory. Each book in the series is interactive and contains ten stories for readers to follow along and solve. Basil is a mouse, but not just any mouse: As such he has observed the genius of the crime-solving mad man upstairs and has picked up a thing or two in the art of sleuthing. In Basil of Baker Street , Basil must try and solve his toughest case yet: Nate the Great is enjoying his morning pancakes when he gets a call from his friend Annie.

Nate throws on a very Sam Spade—ish trench coat and gets right on it. He follows clues, asks questions, makes a list of suspects—you know, all the stuff great detectives do. She considers herself less a solver of mysteries and more an agent of secrets: Start with The Sly Spy and go from there. Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose are three friends who solve mysteries in this much loved collection. As you may have guessed, the book titles in this series follow the alphabet: Still, Nancy remains ever the resourceful little sleuth and always cracks the case.

BLACK CAT Does What She WANTS! - Black Cat #1

The concept of this series is just so, so brilliant. This series is funny, action-packed, and dripping with brainy girl power. Harriet is an astute and spunky little girl who goes around scribbling thoughts and observations in a notebook. When she misplaces that notebook, it ends up in the wrong hands. Soon the contents some hurtful, though true make their way to her friends…awkward!

She just really, really loves the truth. The Name of this Book is Secret is the first of five books in The Secret Series and is most certainly not about a couple of eleven-year-olds chasing a missing magician. Chi wants to scratch something. Unfortunately, her objects of choice are very expensive. Yamada gets a new pair of jeans , but Chi prefers the old ones. The Yamadas buy Chi a board to scratch, but she isn't sure what it's meant to do. Yamada undertakes the dangerous mission of clipping Chi's claws. Yamada needs to go shopping, but Chi wants to come along for the ride.

Things are inexplicably boring around Chi's house, and dinner is unusually large It's Chi's first day home alone, but Mr. Yamada is worried about her. Chi learns that an apartment without humans in it isn't as delightful as it seemed. Yamada needs to take out the trash, but Chi clings to the bag. Yamada distracts Chi with a ball, but while Mrs. Yamada is out, Chi climbs to a window and is almost seen.

Yamada takes away the books and boxes so Chi can't climb to the window.

The sci-fi novel Roadside Picnic has inspired works in film, TV, books and even videogames...

However, when Chi jumps, she's just a few centimeters short of reaching the windowsill. Chi is able to jump up to the windowsill, so Mrs. Yamada closes the door to Mr. Yamada buys a stuffed animal. When talking with some neighbors outside, Mrs. Yamada thinks they've seen Chi in the window. However, it was the stuffed animal that Mr.

So, they buy more stuffed animals to put on the windowsill so Chi blends in. Chi searches for a delicious snack, then later eats Yohei's pancakes and finds them delicious. Chi thinks that everything Yohei plays with is prey. So, Yohei tries to find things Chi will not like, but only makes Chi happier and then she rubs against Yohei's hand. Chi becomes suspicious of how much fun Yohei and Dad are having fun in the bath, so she goes in to see what they are doing. After Yohei pours toys in the tub, Chi looks over them and wants to play but unfortunately falls into the tub.

Yohei and Chi are both annoying each other with their bad sleeping postures, then later sleep comfortable together. While Chi and Yohei are playing in the sand box, a large black cat appears from behind the bushes so they run inside and the black cat walks into their home. The black cat appears again in the Yamada house and eats Chi's dinner while the others are away.

After eating Chi's dinner, the black cat picks her up and walks over to take her chew toy and Chi tries to protect it. Then the black cat decides to groom Chi's back and so Chi realizes the cat isn't as mean as it looks. And leaves once again into the bushes. Everyone tells Dad about the large black cat at dinner. Chi wants to play with everyone but everyone is too busy. Once they all come together to play with her, she dislikes the attention and walks away.

Chi tries to grab the Yamada family's attention when they sit together and discuss how they should go to Kyoto after seeing a postcard from Grandma. Chi is house sitting again and gets her tail stuck to a roll of tape. Chi tries to remove the tape off her tail, and in the process she wrecks Dad's room. Chi follows the black cat and talks to it. The black cat hides Chi from a dog, then later tells her that she's a cat.

Chi hides from a dog, then can't find her way home. Chi returns home by taking advice from the big black cat by looking at the sky. Dad tries to take Chi to the vet, so she runs outside. The land lady almost sees her until the black cat jumps out of a window saving the Yamada family and Chi.

Dad brings out the basket to take Chi to the vet, but Chi knows the basket means she's going to the vet so she runs away every time they try to put her in there.

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Until she traps herself and Yohei catches her. Chi goes to the vet after Yohei captures her. When she returns home the black cat tells her not to trust humans, but Chi doesn't know what trust is. Chi returns home just to eat, but gets a treat of Tuna of tells the Yamada family to be her comrades. There's a storm coming to the Yamada home. When Yohei goes outside to get his toy truck from being swept by the storm, Chi is left outside. Dad finds Chi outside the window in the storm. The power goes out in the Yamada house, so Dad brings out the flashlight and Chi chases it, then Mom and Yohei all play with Chi with the flashlight in the dark.

Yohei becomes ill, but Chi still wants to play. So she stands over him while he sleeps, then eventually cuddles and sleeps next to him. Mom becomes sick so Yohei tries to help her. After Yohei and Mom are no longer ill, Dad catches a cold. Dad is trying to get better but all Chi wants to do is play.

Chi tries a tasty cat treat and refuses to eat her dinner. Yohei and Dad are out, so Mom catches up on some housework and accidentally scares Chi while cleaning the floors, so she bribes her with snacks. While getting ready to go out Mrs. Yamada loses her ring, Chi then helps her find her ring. Chi looks for a place to nap, then ends up kneading and falling asleep on Mrs. Chi gets her gets a taste of milk an ends up wanting more so she tries to think of a way to get more, but ends up eventually forgetting about the milk while playing with a plastic bag. The Yamadas decide to make a meal for Chi, but when they give it to her they forget to cool the meal and Chi gets end up mad.

Chi finds where her food is stored and ends up eating all she wants, Mr. Yamada then worrys if she is sick when she doesn't eat her food but later finds out why she hadn't eat. While the Yamadas eat dinner they end up giving bits of their food to Chi which makes her believe all food on the table is yummy. To make her stop begging for their food they put her cat food dish and her on the table making her happy.

Chi's shedding season has started leaving fur all over the house. Then a woman from the neighborhood stops by so the Yamadas have to hide Chi and all her fur as well. Chi's shedding so Mr. Yamada decides to buy a brush for Chi. Yamada's attempt to brush her a first but once he starts she really likes being combed for it reminds her of something from her past. Chi really likes being brushed so she ends up following Mr. Yamada everywhere asking to be brushed. Chi ends up getting what she wants asking to be brushed to the point where Mr.

Yamada's arm starts to get tired. After being brushed Chi leaves fur on the brush which Yohei then collects until he has enough for a large ball. Yamada discovers what Yohei has been doing the family talks about it until Chi grabs the ball of fur and starts to play with it sending fur flying everywhere. Chi and Yohei both want to play but seem to have different definitions of fun, Mrs. Yamada then tells them to clean up so they can have snacks and while cleans the two find a way to play together and have fun.

Chi and Yohei decide to play hide-and-seek. Playing hide-and-seek with Yohei, Chi hides in a dresser drawer, but when Yohei goes to have a snack he forgets about finding Chi, While Chi falls asleep in the dresser drawing which Mrs. Later that nightThe Yamadas realize Chi missing. Yohei remembers The about the game of hide-and-seek and the Yamadas start looking for Chi, While Chi wakes up and trying to escape the drawer.

The Yamadas then later find Chi after Mrs. Yamada remembers closing the drawer. Sixteen-year-old Sabrina Spellman Kiernan Shipka , a half-witch, half-mortal, who is presented with a life-altering choice: the mortal world of her closest friends or the magic world of her family. Let's start at the beginning of this young witch's tale , which is a dark reimagining of the Archie comic. However, if you're here expecting the canned laughter and talking cat of the Sabrina The Teenage Witch of the 90s, think again. This Sabrina is spooky and has a much higher special effects budget.

A whole season of curses and blood and possession awaits you — if you dare keep your eyes on the screen even the cast got freaked out by the spells. Join us as we binge the first season of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. Episode 1. The first episode begins a few days before the fateful decision witch or mortal? Instead, our witch is enjoying happier times, watching a horror movie in the theater with her boyfriend Harvey Ross Lynch , and two best friends, Rosalind Jaz Sinclair and Susie Lachlan Watson.

On their way to their traditional post-horror-movie debrief at Dr. Wardwell Michelle Gomez. Sabrina invites her to join them, but Miss Wardwell declines. She has papers to grade — and a demon to battle. Related Stories. Is Sabrina Worth Your Time?

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For instance, while Zelda wants her to pick her familiar — a goblin in the form of a pet who will act as her protector — from a book, Sabrina believes it should be a mutual choice. She plans to summon one, and they will treat each other as equals, rather than servant and master. With her cousin Ambrose Chance Perdomo , however, she gets a little more candid. They warn her that what happened to her parents might happen to her, insinuating that their deaths were no accident. To top it all off, they place a blood curse on Sabrina, that she must then wash off in the locker room showers.

Susie has sought refuge from four footballers who keep harassing her, pulling up her shirt to see if she is a boy or a girl. Instead, he suggests, Susie could start looking at other schools. Luckily, sexy Madame Satan — uh, Miss Wardwell, has a solution. Did Sabrina know Hawthorne is deathly afraid of spiders? She enlists Ambrose to help her, and also reveals that she just tried to tell Harvey she was a witch and it went so badly she had to erase his memory.

In her most recent vision, she follows her parents into the woods where there are two babies: one normal, one with dark, shriveled legs there's a crazy theory about that over here. She shoots awake, and goes to find Ambrose to curse Hawthorne with a plague of spiders. As a reward for her hard work, her familiar finally reveals himself: Salem, a black cat. As she introduces Salem to her aunts the next morning, Sabrina also brings up her hesitation about her Dark Baptism with her aunts.

It feels very patriarchal that she must sign away her rights and her body, despite the fact that this is what her parents wanted. She wishes she could talk to someone to make an educated choice, and Ambrose privately suggests that she seeks guidance in a Malum Malus, which will give her some perspective and can be used by biting into the apple of the oldest tree. Her attempts are thwarted by Salem, however, and Sabrina glimpses a horrifying vision of witches hanging in the woods.

But at home, a visitor is waiting. In Salem's words Episode 2. However, he does say she must end things with Harvey, because witch souls are not compatible with mortal souls. Ambrose has his own bone to pick. At Baxter High, Susie has reached a breaking point. After witnessing a handful of jocks tearing down their WICCA signs, she runs at them, earning a suspension. Feeling abandoned by the school, Sabrina once again takes matters into her own hands — this time with the help of Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcus. They agree to join Sabrina in seeking revenge on the mortal boys as long as she promises to never leave Baxter High, a promise Sabrina makes with fingers crossed.

While they set off on their scheme, Zelda has a mission of her own. To punish Hilda for expressing her doubts to Sabrina, Zelda kills her sister and buries her in the yard. For added measure, Prudence takes away their boyhoods and keeps them in a cage. Sabrina cops to the fact that she lied about staying at Baxter, but the witches said they already knew.

Hilda resurrects herself just in time to send Sabrina off to her Halloween party. With her in a white gown and Harvey as a miner like his father, they set off into the night, with Sabrina promising to return by midnight for her secret baptism. Until then, she enjoys what might be one last night with her friends, but flees as soon as the blood moon appears.

She enters the woods, walks through the blue flames, and her white dress turns black. Blackwood, her family, and the rest of their coven are waiting. Miss Wardwell is even hiding in the trees. As horrifying visions cloud her brain, she agrees to to place the Dark Lord above all others in her life — loved ones, family, friends, neighbors. Zelda is infuriated, humiliated, and hardly speaks to her niece the next morning.

All mortal flesh will burn, he promises. Episode 3. Was this, in fact, a familiar? Familiars usually die without their masters. In the meantime, however, Ambrose will look after it. The students want to make this right, but Sabrina has her own issues back home. Since witch law is guilty until proven innocent, her guardians Hilda and Zelda are stripped of their powers until a verdict is reached.

That might be difficult, however, because Father Blackwood has a trump card up his sleeve. Turns out, a few days after Sabrina was born, her father and Zelda went into the woods and preemptively signed her name in the book of the beast, promising her to the Dark Lord.

It was the only way he was allowed to marry her mortal mother, Zelda explained. Now, Sabrina is trapped. So is Harvey, at least mentally. His father wants him to start pulling his weight and carrying out shifts in the mines, but as he tells Sabrina that next day, he had a traumatic experience down there when he was eight years old. He saw a vision of what audiences see is the Dark Lord himself. Ambrose is the only person who seems to be getting anywhere with his particular issue. At school, a vision conjured by Miss Wardell reveals some horrifying news.

She wants nothing to do with a person who would vouch for such horrible men, and fires him. However, Webster reveals that he had actually signed his name away to the devil, and found himself defending case after case without fully realizing how horrible they were. Now, he wants redemption, and Sabrina agrees to give it to him. His first order of business is to change the whole way the court is approaching the trial. Since Sabrina is also half mortal, she should be half-judged the mortal way. It truly seems like everything is at a breaking point — and Hilda finally hits hers. This makes any subsequent agreements null and void, and allows for the ultimate compromise.

Hilda and Zelda get their powers back but Hilda is excommunicated for her treason and Sabrina can retain her mortal life as long as she agrees to still attend The Academy of Unseen Arts and as well as weekly Black Mass. Episode 4. Sabrina is greeted outside a derelict building by a small boy named Quentin Liam Hughes. When he brings her inside, it transforms into the Academy. Meanwhile, the girls night is not going as planned when Susie reveals that her sick uncle, Uncle Jesse, is living in her house.

After catching a glimpse of what Jesse has become, Rosalind agrees to stay with Susie the whole weekend.

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If only Sabrina could get that kind of company. She might have gone crazy, had Salem not sense she was in danger and come running to protect her. Before they can cause too much damage, Blackwood calls Sabrina into his office. She has suffered a number of miscarriages, but Zelda has never lost a baby during her past as a midwife. Zelda reluctantly agrees.

They might have clues for solving the Acheron Configuration, which Nicholas reveals her dad actually creative. Ambrose is having his own warlock struggles. Luke wants to go on a date, but Ambrose cannot leave the house. Rather than admit to being a felon, he asks Hilda to help him astral project into a coffee shop for just 20 minutes so he can see Luke outside of the confines of their home. Project too long, and Ambrose will be taken away by psychopomps, never to return. Sabrina, near her own kind of death, is in the midst of night two of her harrowing.

However, she once again makes it, and is rescued by Quentin the next morning. Sabrina decides this barbaric process must stop. She calls her aunts, who then attempt to talk reason into Father Blackwood, but ultimately have to take the issue into their own hands. As someone who has been harrowed herself, Hilda knows that all the children want is revenge, and they get it that night. Before Prudence can carry out her final act of evil and hang Sabrina from a tree, the harrowed children appear and turn the tables.

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Instead, Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcus find themselves hanging from invisible ropes. The harrowings end tonight. Harvey wants to know if Jesse saw the same thing in the mines that he saw as a kid, but this elicits a terrifying reaction. Jesse sits up as if possessed by the devil, and tries to attack Harvey before he escapes. When Sabrina takes it home, it contains the clues she needs to solve the Acheron, and it breaks apart in her hands.

Episode 5. However, she underestimates the Spellmans. Even though she tortures Sabrina with a dream about Harvey trying to kill her on their wedding day for being a witch, trapping her in a spiky torture device, the teenage witch refuses to reveal the spell. The same goes for Ambrose, who finds himself trapped in his own dead body while another Ambrose performs an autopsy. Regardless, the secret spell is safe, but Sabrina is not. Miss Wardwell knows this, and has to blow her cover hopping from dream to dream to find Sabrina and keep her from the menace of Batibat.

Instead, she realizes she must go back into their dreams to get advice from one of her aunts. Or, really, a dreamcatcher. Miss Wardwell has some explaining to do. Episode 6. It may seem like Sabrina has caught Miss Wardwell in her plan, but Madame Satan has another lie up her sleeve. She tells Sabrina that she was a student and admirer of her father, and that she promised him before he died that she would look after his daughter. Despite the sentiment, no matter how false, Sabrina feels deceived by everyone in her life. Every since the sleepover, Harvey, Rosalind, and Susie are getting visited by Uncle Jesse as a demon.

He calls out their fears, their insecurities, but worst of all? Sabrina refuses to believe them. Back home, however, she allows her true concern show. She tells her aunts that she believes Uncle Jesse has been possessed, but Zelda stresses that demonic possession is unlikely.

To prove her theory right, Sabrina astral projects with the help of Ambrose because that went so well last time to interrogate the demon from the safety of the astral plane. However, this is an advanced demon, because he still manages to crawl his way inside of her throat, almost killing her had Salem not alerted Ambrose to the emergency.

Sabrina wakes up, shaken but satisfied that she found the confirmation she was looking for. As Sabrina and Harvey leave, the Dark Lord can be seen lurking in the background. Susie, who dresses androgynously , takes this as an attack on herself. She spends most of her time in class at the Academy that day asking about witch exorcisms, something they are forbidden from performing.

The Lie (Black Cat Adventures - Series 1 Book 2) The Lie (Black Cat Adventures - Series 1 Book 2)
The Lie (Black Cat Adventures - Series 1 Book 2) The Lie (Black Cat Adventures - Series 1 Book 2)
The Lie (Black Cat Adventures - Series 1 Book 2) The Lie (Black Cat Adventures - Series 1 Book 2)
The Lie (Black Cat Adventures - Series 1 Book 2) The Lie (Black Cat Adventures - Series 1 Book 2)
The Lie (Black Cat Adventures - Series 1 Book 2) The Lie (Black Cat Adventures - Series 1 Book 2)

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