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Cooper, visit the Author Page.

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Permissions Information. Subsidiary Rights Information. Media Inquiries. Home Close. Published in , A Voice from the South is the only book published by one of the most prominent African American women scholars and educators of her era. Born a slave, Anna Julia Haywood Cooper would go on to become the fourth African American woman to earn a doctoral degree. Cooper became a prominent member of the black community in Washington, D.

The heir, the Blades , and the Hero of Kvatch continually defeated him until the assault on the Imperial City , where Dagon was defeated and banished back to Oblivion by Akatosh himself. Mehrunes Dagon's plane of Oblivion is the Deadlands. It appears as a collection of collapsed towers with broken bridges on islands surrounded by lava. Pouches of flesh spawn from an unknown source around the Plane, and are capable of holding equipment. It has several towers that were used to house Sigil Stones during the Oblivion Crisis.

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However, a former spymaster of Vivec managed to summon Mehrunes Dagon by fueling the rage of a witch of the Skeffington Coven in High Rock. The witch wanted to take revenge upon the Duke of Morrowind, while the spymaster just wanted to see Morrowind suffer after what Vivec had done to him. Mehrunes Dagon went further and destroyed Mournhold , the capital of Morrowind, in one of the most devastating attacks ever recorded by historians.

Although Mehrunes Dagon was eventually banished back to Oblivion by a joint effort of Almalexia and Sotha Sil, Mournhold had been totally destroyed, and the Duke of Morrowind was slain. A new city was constructed right atop the ruins of the destroyed Mournhold. It is also likely here that the Forces of Destruction were somehow involved. During the Imperial Simulacrum , Jagar Tharn dealt with Mehrunes Dagon, and it is rumored that Molag Bal assisted in some way, although he did not help in the following events.

After the Miracle of Peace, when the great Numidium was resurrected and destroyed once again, Mehrunes Dagon attempted to invade Tamriel, beginning with the Battlespire, where Imperial Battlemages would undergo their final test before graduating. An unnamed apprentice teleported to the floating fort for his final test, only to find himself in the middle of the Daedric invasion. Through purging the levels and traveling to the Oblivion planes, the apprentice frustrated Mehrunes Dagon's ambitions.

However, the Prince of Destruction had a hidden agenda: he wanted to invade Tamriel. Since the Prince and his Daedric army could not cross into Tamriel directly, he conquered and used multiple pocket dimensions and the Battlespire, which was the final gateway, as steps to the mortal realm. With this action, Mehrunes Dagon's anchor to the mortal realm was severed and he was banished to Oblivion. The Battlespire itself was destroyed in the wake of the invasion, due to the fact that the magicka anchors that supported the floating citadel were also severed.

Another artifact worthy of note in this period of chaos was the Daedric Crescent Blade. These Blades were used in the invasion of the Battlespire by Mehrunes Dagon's army. After the event, the Septim Dynasty declared this weapon illegal, and thus made the blade highly prized among collectors. Dagon presented Camoran with his book of razors, the Mysterium Xarxes, the principles of which Camoran used to found the Order of the Mythic Dawn , a Daedric cult devoted to the destruction of the Septim bloodline and the re-creation of the Mythic Era in which they believed Dagon would rule.

The most infamous and far-reaching show of power from the Daedric Forces of Destruction occurred during the Oblivion Crisis, where Mehrunes Dagon sought to conquer all of Tamriel. In order for Dagon's Forces to invade, however, the Emperor and his heirs had to be removed. This extinguished the divine Dragonfires and allowed Gates to Oblivion to be opened all across Tamriel. The first attack made by the Daedra was on the city of Kvatch , which was utterly razed. Following the Battle of Kvatch , Oblivion Gates were opened in earnest by the Mythic Dawn, allowing the Daedra to roam the countryside while the main army focused on attacking the major cities.

This invasion was to be foiled by the combined efforts of the last surviving heir to the throne, Martin Septim , and the anonymous Hero of Kvatch. Time and again, the Hero took the battle into Oblivion itself, fighting off the Daedric Forces of Destruction and retrieving the Sigil Stone that anchored the gate to Tamriel, thus closing the portal. It was here that Dagon himself entered the battle, in an attempt to stop Martin Septim re-lighting the Dragonfires.

This act, however, consumed both Martin himself and the Amulet of Kings, but apparently rendered the Dragonfires and the Septim Bloodline redundant, leaving Tamriel without the need of the institution of the Empire.

Voices go silent, 77 years after date of Pearl Harbor attack

Presumably, Akatosh's direct intervention, infused with the life-force of a living Septim, secured the wards that kept Oblivion separate from Nirn to the Divine realm rather than the mundane. In the southern regions of Cyrodiil, deep within a long-forgotten Ayleid ruin, lay the Nefarivigum, a foul construct of Mehrunes Dagon, that was erected to be ever watchful for the pilgrim who would step forth and best an unknown trial of worth.

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  • It was said that such a pilgrim would be rewarded with the blessing of Mehrunes' Razor. It seems that the construct was able to retrieve the razor from its current owner, and pass it to the pilgrim that solved and survived the trial.

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    • For many years the city stood strong; however, some unfortunate events occurred, and the city was destroyed and lost from the annals of history. Sometime during the Oblivion Crisis, Frathen Drothan , a rogue Telvanni mage, tried to retrieve the blade in order to support his rebellion against the Septim Empire. He found the ruins of Varsa Baalim, and eventually he reached the Nefarivigum.

      However, the Hero of Kvatch thwarted Drothan's nefarious plans and retrieved the blade for himself. When in the mortal realm, Mehrunes Dagon appeared as a gigantic demonic creature with red skin, yellow eyes and four arms, each one armed with a deadly weapon, one such arm had metal claws protruding from its fist. Six horns adorned Dagon's bald skull and his pointed ears were pierced with large gold hoops.

      His entire body was scarred and tattooed with ritualistic markings. Sharp fangs lined his jaw, and he wore an armored neck brace around his shoulders. His hands and feet were clawed and he frequently used them in battle to stomp on and crush his enemies.

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      These Daedric Princes rebelled against the counsel and admonition of the Tribunal , causing great strife among their daedric kin and confusion among the clans and Great Houses of Morrowind. They are holy in that they serve the role of obstacles during the Testing. Through time they have sometimes become associated with local enemies, like the Nords , Akaviri , or Mountain Orcs. He is associated with natural dangers like fire, earthquakes, and floods. To some he represents the inhospitable land of Morrowind.

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      He tests the Dunmer will to survive and persevere. After the Dragonborn has acquired the pieces of Mehrunes' Razor , Silus Vesuius explains that in order to repair the Razor, the daedric lord himself must be contacted. The Dragonborn is then prompted to meet at Dagon's altar. Upon arriving at the altar, Silus quickly greets the Dragonborn and then starts the contacting ritual with Dagon.


      After the first try, he gets no reply —and then suggests that the Dragonborn tries too. This time Dagon answers, explaining that in order to repair the Razor, the Dragonborn must slay the "pawn on the board" Silus , in order to be his champion and wield the Razor. After accepting or refusing, the Dragonborn hears some last voiceovers from Dagon, and then two Dremora are summoned to attack.

      Using the PC version's in-game console, the player can spawn an actual Mehrunes Dagon character.

      Dagon (Voices of the South) Dagon (Voices of the South)
      Dagon (Voices of the South) Dagon (Voices of the South)
      Dagon (Voices of the South) Dagon (Voices of the South)
      Dagon (Voices of the South) Dagon (Voices of the South)
      Dagon (Voices of the South) Dagon (Voices of the South)
      Dagon (Voices of the South) Dagon (Voices of the South)
      Dagon (Voices of the South) Dagon (Voices of the South)

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