An Idiots Guide To Self Preservation

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Preserve It. Karen K. Brees, Ph. July 7, Food contamination scandals, the rising cost of food, organic eating, and better nutrition - all these factors contribute to the upsurge in interest in food preservation. Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text, Google-generated PDF. Best For.

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Putting Food By: Fifth Edition. Ruth Hertzberg. Now, this classic is fully up-to-date with the twenty-first-century kitchen.

Why are people against self preservation?

Ana Micka. Canning is an easy, fun, and affordable way to enjoy fresh-grown local foods all year long. Karen Solomon. Have you ever wanted to. Bottle your own soda? Press your own tofu? Smoke your own cheese? I think it's very important to take a stance that is 'on the side of' the reader in non fiction, so you're not berating them for anything not that you would but that you are kind of their friend, offering advice in an area you know something about. I do hope that helps. I agree with Sue's take on it, the non-"Dummies" books. Although they're helpful, I prefer the other way she described.

Mai 31, PM. The start by blasting the entire room, a wow opening, then the details, then finish with the other round, saving for the eye-opening big finish. I recall a book I read a while back, that might be one you should check out. It was "The One Minute Millionaire", which is a how to guide but it was set up different than any how to I've ever seen before. It was actually "2 books" in one binding, sort of, it was part how-to and part novel.

All the left hand pages were the how-to stuff and all the right hand pages were the novel.

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  4. As you read the book you read a page of how-to followed by a page of novel. The novel told the story of a woman who wanted to become a millionaire and how she did it, while the how to part instructed you on how to do each thing that the woman in the novel was doing.

    Nonfiction questions for nonfiction writers

    The guy who wrote it, said the woman's story was his real life story how he became a millionaire, but that he fictionalized it so that readers could better identify with the character. Anyways, I was thinking you might do something like that with your book. Write a novel about someone who ends up in the hospital, under the circumstances you mentioned. That could be say pages long. Than write a how to on what to do, should you the reader end up in this guy's predicament.

    That could be another pages. And than just like in "One Minute Millionaire" have every left page be how to and every right page be novel. You than have a page book, which both tells folks how to survive and exposes the dirty secrets of behind the scenes without you having to resort to using real names thus protecting you from any legal battles down the road.

    I actually think that would work really well for you book. I'd definitely want to read the story part, and the how-to part would come in handy. Once upon a time there was a hurricane named Katrina that took our house and left some of us in the hospital. Me, I was spending 2 or 3 hours a day at the hospital reading to my dad and stuff by this point every one except my, my 3 brothers, and his priest had stopped visiting him - he'd been in a coma 3 months - so every one gave up on him. I was his guardian and had full control of who did what, and final say on medical decisions, and they had orders not to take him off life support, both from me and his pre made medical will papers.

    Well, no one informed me a thing about the health insurance being cut.

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    And guess what else I wasn't informed of? I get to the hospital next day, as usual and my dad is not in his room. I ask the nurse down the hall, where's my dad? She looks all shocked and asks why I didn't know didn't any one tell you? No one has talked to me at all. She starts telling me the whole medical insurance thing that goes off to get the doctor who promptly says to me the following words: "Oh, his insurance was cut, we took him off life support last night. By some miracle he's still alive. Anyways, I say this because, it wasn't just your hospital that has doctors doing shady business, they do it here in Maine too.

    Good luck with your book. I would think, giving the topic that it's be a big hit. Hi Sue. I was hoping you'd answer. Actually, your Buggers and education books were ones that I looked at as examples. I haven't bought any yet, but they look consistent and useful.

    If you don't mind, I might use one as a template of sorts. Keeping my opinion and attitude to myself might be the hardest part, but I would definitely be on the side of the reader. The hardest part would be to not turn it into a rant against the health care industry. Thanks Gary.

    You are very welcome to use the structure if it helps. I can email you a contents page to save you reading lots of random stuff about teaching! What they need is support and practical advice, so you have to balance how much a rant adds to that. They probably already know what the problems are, the typical reader of non fiction buys something looking for specific solutions. So maybe a rant to start and end, but lots of good practical advice in the middle. Or there is the other type of book that cycycy likes did I get that right?

    An Idiots Guide To Self Preservation An Idiots Guide To Self Preservation
    An Idiots Guide To Self Preservation An Idiots Guide To Self Preservation
    An Idiots Guide To Self Preservation An Idiots Guide To Self Preservation
    An Idiots Guide To Self Preservation An Idiots Guide To Self Preservation
    An Idiots Guide To Self Preservation An Idiots Guide To Self Preservation
    An Idiots Guide To Self Preservation An Idiots Guide To Self Preservation

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