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I tried in a vice and with a mallet but couldn't get nice round bends. Any advice is welcome! Bend it around something like steel pipe a mandrel. Clamp one end of the rod and the pipe in a vice and pull or push the rod around ; you can use a hammer It does require a sturdy vice. After the first bend rotate the pipe and rod into the vice jaw to make more bends such as or degrees.

OR, the tools should work well. That tool looks like it would do the job, and you may be able to construct something similar in your own workshop. If you do build your own, I'd simply advise to be mindful that it does have a flat surface to maintain a single plane for the curves to align on.

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In addition to using tools or forms to bend the rod around, heating the metal with a torch will increase malleability, making it easier to shape. I'd recommend testing this with spare material if you do attempt this method, because heating and cooling the metal can impact the molecular structure, durability, fragility and coloration of the metal.

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Asked 5 months ago. Active 5 months ago. Viewed 71 times. Michael Michael 3 3 bronze badges. I bought the below tubing bender but it does not give me tight enough bends on 3mm brass rod.

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Vendor Directory. Check out Yotatech's all new homepage for articles! Thread Tools. Jason, it looks like your spring perches are damaged leading to the springs being forced over the perches backward trying to follow the curve of the perch you can see the springs splaying out on each side of the perch as the U-bolts pull the spring against it. It's very common on Toyota's and causes exactly the problem you've described.

I've attached a document on what needs to be repaired on the truck to resolve it.

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  4. Once the perches are flat the springs should come back to their original shape and you'll get your lift back. View Public Profile. Find More Posts by jjrgr View iTrader Profile. I kinda see what ARB is saying but I disagree.

    Bending cuckoo perch rod

    It doesn't look like the perch is bent, it looks like it isn't long enough length-wise. The perch should extend at least as far as the u-bolts otherwise your situation occurs. How much you torque those puppies to? Over-torquing would probably bend'em too. Is that a stock suspension bumper? It looks like it is too wide and pushes the u-bolts out beyond the perch aggravating the situation. IMHO you need to either do something with the bumper to move the u-bolts over the perch or lengthen and gusset the perch out to extend a little beyond the u-bolts.

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    Received 5 Likes on 5 Posts. Stock perches are 4. Might consider installing a u-bolt flip kit with a flat plate on top and the u-bolts passing around the axle. I use a spring plate with upward bent ends to allow for better spring flex:. Visit 4Crawler's homepage!

    The Perch Bend The Perch Bend
    The Perch Bend The Perch Bend
    The Perch Bend The Perch Bend
    The Perch Bend The Perch Bend
    The Perch Bend The Perch Bend
    The Perch Bend The Perch Bend
    The Perch Bend The Perch Bend
    The Perch Bend The Perch Bend
    The Perch Bend The Perch Bend

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