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August Sara Prahl Larsen.

How a bastard phrase went mainstream.

According to recent UN estimates, Some are fleeing war and bombs, others impossible living conditions and corruption. In 'Love Child', an Iranian couple, Leila and Sahand, and Leila's young son, Mani, have fled for love and the dream of a life together as a family.

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The film makes the simple point that it could just as well have been you or me. In Iran, if worse comes to worse, their infidelity is punishable by death.


So the two lovers, who seem to have it all — good educations, stable careers and outwardly happy families — leave it all behind to make a new, uncertain life for themselves as refugees in Turkey. It is winter in Istanbul.

Love Child

A plane from Teheran has just landed. A couple, Leila and Sahand, have succeeded in fleeing Iran with their four-year-old son, Mani, without being arrested.

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A life full of ups and downs, as the film shows us in depth. Despite their troubles, the family in 'Love Child' seems better off than most of the refugees we usually hear about in the media. Both parents speak English, are well educated and left behind good jobs and families in their home country, which is not war-torn. Why did you choose to tell their story? I myself have a lot in common with the two protagonists, Leila and Sahand.

I, too, have a son and a small family trinity, and I have seen Bergman films, like they have. Or at least that was the idea.

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    Love Child

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