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It was by far not my intention to wake you up. Am I right? I was on the other side of the hill, doing nothing, being relaxed, and all of a sudden a smell hit my nose.


Straight away, I knew somewhere out there was a poor little kangaroo in great misery. Well, I found you. Here I am. But please, do not. I can put you out of your misery. All you need to do is to trust me. But this one was scary. At his legs; then his back; his head; the bucket and eventually his chest.

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Detecting the scar he stalled. He knew that he was in great danger. I meant to say. I think. He kicked around him with his arm and legs, helplessly but determined, as if refusing to drown in a wild sea. Swinging himself onto his back he managed to punch the fox with his tail. His face was grim. He was now a furious beast baring its fangs.

I could tear you into pieces. Lancelot wanted to scream, but his voice collapsing, it sounded like the yelp of a little puppy. The fox was fuming, his growling and roaring throwing the possums in the forest out of their nap. The earth started to tremble; there was a tremor as if an avalanche of rocks was rumbling towards them. The fox let go of Lancelot, his eyes wandering in fear. For a moment he froze, filled with horror, but quickly pulled in his tail and bolted off, yelping and crying as if a bucket of icy water had been poured over him. Lancelot rolled on his side, exhausted and relieved.

He asked himself why the fox was horrified all of a sudden. Was it the stupid bucket around his neck that scared him? Or his weird scream? Lancelot looked up and held his breath when he saw the kangaroos he was looking for, standing in front of him. All thirty of them.

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Popped up from nowhere. Out of the blue. They heard his cry for help and had come to his rescue. Standing around him in a circle, they wondered who he was. Thought one of our own was crying. But here we go, it was a stranger instead. His voice was dark. Darker then the darkest cave. I cannot hear my own words. He was enormous.

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  6. A giant. He could not open his mouth. Could not speak. As if on command everybody burst out laughing, their bodies shaking all over. The ones with pouches were holding onto them, protecting their joeys from falling out, due to the trembling.

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    He could have swallowed you in one piece without lifting a finger. How terrible! They stuck their heads together and squabbled and quarreled about what to do with Lancelot. As if on command the kangaroos started again to talk over each others heads. Silence reigned. Last winter was too dry.

    There is hardly any grass left in our feeding grounds. Therefore I have decided that we shall help him with a bunch of grass from our stock. It will be enough for him to bounce back. And after that, young man, you must go home. His eyes gazed at him, promising big trouble if Lancelot did not obey. Do you understand? Have I expressed myself clearly enough? The giant kangaroo raised his paw, and on command the mob turned. Rumbling, rustling and stomping, the mob hopped away in wide and elegant leaps.

    Lancelot felt helpless and sad. His eyes followed the kangaroos until the horizon swallowed them, taking the tips of their tails with them. Lancelot sighed. He took a sniff at the delicious grass but did not feel like eating anymore.


    All he desired was sleep. A long sleep. And to never ever wake up anymore. He looked into the trees. They were swaying in the wind that just had picked up. The leaves softly whirled around as if they were waving at Lancelot, telling him to let go and be carried away by the wind. Far far away to a paddock where no kangaroo is starving; where no neighbour shoots his shotgun; where no horse kicks his hoof in fright and where foxes ate nothing else but juicy grass.

    And, who knows, maybe even his dead mother would graze in this wondrous paddock. Lancelot long ed to be there. It bounced and frolicked in the air, free and easy, as if there were no worries in the whole world. One day he comes across a kangaroo mob and wants to join it. He escapes from home and injures his arm so badly that it has to be amputated. Left alone in the bush he has to overcome dangerous situations. He is lucky that a girl kangaroo from the mob is curious to find out who Lancelot is and wants to help him.

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    He is unable to remember where he came from and has not yet learned to laugh. The dogs, Stelze, Hoover and Ajax, and The Rotterdammer Downunder.

    Lancelot - The one-armed Kangaroo Lancelot - The one-armed Kangaroo
    Lancelot - The one-armed Kangaroo Lancelot - The one-armed Kangaroo
    Lancelot - The one-armed Kangaroo Lancelot - The one-armed Kangaroo
    Lancelot - The one-armed Kangaroo Lancelot - The one-armed Kangaroo
    Lancelot - The one-armed Kangaroo Lancelot - The one-armed Kangaroo
    Lancelot - The one-armed Kangaroo Lancelot - The one-armed Kangaroo
    Lancelot - The one-armed Kangaroo Lancelot - The one-armed Kangaroo

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