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Talking with those pushing hardest against Thailand's impending status as a 'super-ageing society'. Despite being 65 and frail, Auntie Pim, a retired nurse, doesn't miss a day of her workout classes at the Lumpini Youth Centre and Sports Club, which aside from sports activities for the youth offers retired folks classes on classical Thai music, painting and other arts-based activities. I get to catch up on the latest gossip with people my own age, not to mention work up a sweat," said the spinster, who lives with her niece. However, if I don't make the effort to come, boredom can set in easily, and soon after, depression.

My mental and physical health suffer when I do not have activities outside the home. My niece spends most of her free time with her friends, so I often feel left out. Auntie Pim accepted that there is a change in today's family pattern. Unlike in the past, when senior citizens lived under one roof as a part of extended families, she said, the elderly today cannot depend on their family members to fill the void of loneliness that comes after retirement.

If you are lucky, you might have a family member volunteer to drive you to the hospital. It is important that you keep yourself healthy, and, yes, being financially independent is imperative to living harmoniously under one roof with one's relatives. Thailand has become one of the fastest-growing ageing societies in the world today, grappling to address this phenomenon that they were least prepared for.

Statistics show there are According to Porranee Poobrasert, director of health promotion for vulnerable populations, Thai Health Promotion Foundation, this is the first time Thailand's senior folks outnumbered the youth population. Because most of the elderly in Thailand suffer from at least one chronic condition, it is imperative that Thai society focus on preparing the next generation for quality ageing in every dimension.

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For example, the low birth rate will cause labour shortages in the future. In addition, the younger generation will face the burden of paying for the high expenses needed to take care of their family members. Embrace thick brows. Use castor oil on your brows. Choose a pink or peachy blush with golden shimmer. Use vitamin A on your skin. Consider long bangs. Use products that color correct. Pair a creamy stick highlighter with a powder illuminator. Wear more ponytails.

BBC One - How to Stay Young, Series 2 - Test your lifestyle: how are you ageing?

Keep cuticles hydrated and go for neutral nails. Try a soft shadowed liner on your lower lash line. Rinse your hair with cold water. Change your mindset about aging. Take collagen supplements. Avoid matte formula foundations. Prep undereyes before applying concealer. Hate your hands? Try a laser treatment. Give your hair the same type of care you give to your skin.

Make working out a priority.

Swap out your liquid liner and jet black eye pencils. Consider undereye filler. Deep condition your strands.

6 Exercises to Slow the Effects of Aging

Start drinking green juice. Avoid dark shadows and liquid liners. Use white eyeliner on your water line.

Layer your mascara. Invest in products with hyaluronic acid. Or try hyaluronic acid fillers. Get into Gua Sha. Michael Stilwell. Buy Now Buy Now "Gua Sha facial massage, with the help of a cooling stone tool, is an easy way to help yourself look a little younger because it stimulates lymphatic drainage and circulation, helping rid the face of puffiness, tighten the skin and promote overall radiance.

Get your best brow. Sip away. Go red — with your wine, that is. A compound found in red vino known as reseveratrol helps protect your ticker against age-related damage. Just a glass a day of a type high in resveratrol, such as pinot noir, may be a heart-helper. Keep the grays aaway. There may be some truth behind the notion that stress can turn your hair gray: Those experiencing chronic or long-term stress, as well as recurring depression, can actually age faster, according to the journal Biological Psychiatry. While short-term stress — such as the kind of heart-racing, sweaty palm anxiety you may experience before giving a big speech — has been linked to health benefits such as boosting immunity, long-term stress has been pegged as a culprit in everything from weight gain, to heart attack, to hair loss.

Take a deep breath.

How To Stay Young

Get busy. Brush it off. Holy smokes. It's no secret that smoking gives you wrinkles, but it can also do serious damage to your memory — even if you're not puffing, but merely hanging out with smokers. People exposed to secondhand smoke forgot almost 20 percent more than those not exposed to secondhand smoking, according to a new study in the journal Addiction. In good company. Seriously, learning to turn worry into faith.

24 Stay-Young Secrets from Women Who Don’t Age

Relax and love life. No kidding. Be a softie. I swear I can tell when people don't, especially when we are the same age. Lighten up. Get spicy.

Staying young means remaining disease-free, and there may be some potent ways to keep away illness inside your spice cabinet. Curcurmin, the antioxidant ingredient that gives turmeric its yellow color, has already been linked with preventing diabetes, protecting against Alzheimer's, and easing arthritis pain. A new study show it also helps ward off tumors. Back to the basics.

You better believe it.

Stay Young in Aging
Stay Young in Aging
Stay Young in Aging
Stay Young in Aging
Stay Young in Aging

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