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The seam-taping specially. There is something confidence inspiring about it You trust it to truly seal out water, weather, etc. I love things that feel permanent and forever. Then I love taking something and placing it in the wrong context. Take this highly technical material, and use it to hang one of the cheapest clothing labels possible Put the size tag in there as well. And other things soon too.

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Then apply it everywhere. Envelopes, boxes, walls, windows, bottles, bags, etc. I can't wait on to show off the other applications of it But, a bit of insight into why I did what I did Super thank you to everyone who's purchased it. The set of cookbooks in my kitchen are my friends. Old and new companions on my amateur journey of food and flavor.

But why have them? We have access to near-infinite amounts of information at any given time.

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Any recipe or advice or tip is available to you. But the "food internet" is confusing. Are you on a health-spo mom blog? Are you just finding weird overhead-shot videos that make cooking look way too easy? There are also great apps, Kindle editions of things, etc. And this isn't some "oh physical books are great" tip. It's just that these artefacts become IRL companions. My books aren't going to be the right books for you, but for reference, here are the three I rely on:. Find a couple dishes you like, use the red ribbon as a bookmark, and make it over and over and over.

But it tells you simple tips, rules, and more for every ingredient you might cook. And some that are really great, and look good stacked up in the kitchen and have really good, inspiring, mind-expanding stories :. Son Roi Choi.

VEO - ഇന്ത്യൻ ഭരണഘടന - തിരഞ്ഞെടുത്ത ചോദ്യങ്ങൾ

Ivan Ramen Ivan Orkin. Rice Noodle Fish Matt Goulding. Nigella Bites Nigela Lawson. Gjelina Travis Litt. I spent a bit more time than I would have liked to driving this year. Eventually, audio books kind of creep in as a time-killer Jury is still out if I'm as good at retaining the information as I am with reading, but I've just become such a fan of the more immersive nature of audio books These are my top We're very yin-yang.

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In fact, so much so that I actually was confused on what I was getting into with this book after he recommended it It's fascinating how much you can learn from someone via their book recommendations Even if you're already hip to all the insane things Elon has accomplished Super fun read. One of those books so good you're sad to finish. That said, it ends right around Imagine what the book about him that comes out in will be like Business books are usually incredibly corny and boring This was a left-field one for me While reading the GQ Brad Pitt cover story, which was incredible, I was struck by how great the questions were from the interviewer.

How much they brought out of the subject.

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After reading the Brad Pitt thing Heart-wrenching years long coverage of a passenger plane crash in the frozen ocean, following the daily life of the chef behind El Buli, eating Ortolans with a dying French leader, documenting the intricacies of race and business in the motel industry of Dodge, TX, spending time with a man who works, without being asked, as a very hands-on suicide preventer on the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge in China What's magic about him is his use of words.

Never in my life have I read writing like that I like highlighting and taking notes where needed, not easy to do with just the audio version. Kind of surprised I never made a post about this company in the past. The quick hot-take: They take an older Porsche , specific focus on the air-cooled years, and restore and re-tailor it with an almost comical attention to detail.

Thats the hot-take Best thing is the level of taste they do all this with. Usually a modified car with a price tag as such is incredibly corny and obnoxious They look like they've always existed.

Will Smith, Akiva Goldsman Re-Team On ‘Brilliance’; Paramount Steps Up For Marcus Sakey Novel

The updated carbon fiber body, the trim on the lights, the paint jobs, the perfectly referenced wheels, the interiors!!! This quote from their founder, Rob Dickinson, maybe best sums its up:. Funny thing is I can get all of the sweetness without the harshness. With these EQs I can have my cake and eat it too!

Have a listen. The originals were exclusively built in-house by the Abbey Road engineers in the 60s, and quickly became a secret weapon at the studios; excellent for guitars, vocals, and drums, especially snare and kick drum direct to tape. They brightened up the feed to echo chambers, and even found their way into the cutting rooms. Until now, they've never been available outside of Abbey Road. When Abbey Road sent us the hardware for modeling, a note arrived with them, pointing out a cigarette burn on one of the units inflicted by the one and only Ringo Starr.

What more need we say?

The greatest studio in history?

It offers a boost or cut of up to 10 dB at 2. Indispensible for balancing cymbals, or bringing aggression to a lead guitar, especially heading into the beefy glue of tape. When more units were needed in the studio, the portable green RS Box was built. The same circuit was used as in the original RS, but with the addition of an audio transformer. The engineers quickly discovered that the transformer dramatically altered the sound character and the operating frequencies of the RS The frequencies got shifted a bit higher, which of course also holds true for the plug-in model.

Lastly, the RS was created to fill in the frequency gap that the RS units left out. It's fixed at 8 kHz, offers boost only and is just as sweet and silky as its siblings. Its broad curve is super-musical, and placed just right for adding air and shine to vocals, drums, or percussion, without overaccentuating edgy fundamentals. All Rights reserved. You will be redirected back to your article in seconds.

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