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I never knew her. Je ne l'ai jamais connue. Died they lived in Cape Cove Gaspe Quebec. He is my great great grandfather. Sunday February 7 Name: dylan verdugo E-mail: dylanverdugo hotmail. I was told I have native back ground. This is the informaton I have. My grandmother was Racheal Marie Blais. Born in Port Daniel, Gaspe, Quebec birn in Mother was Marie-Anne Angleheart Any info would be appreciated. I just became DEAFNESS, I assumed that her didn't get married that happen to fell love with the guy, got pregnancy then he left, not support her living She decided to moved to Montreal, Quebec and lived with her unknown name cousin as their support, care of her till baby was born.

Also she was one child while her parents were killed by car accident in I assume that her parents were living in area of Gaspe, Quebec. We had researched there have no sisters, brothers, or cousins and went to the library to using the microfilm to search all the days, weeks - No Cure to find one, just received my health history and basically background. I don't know if she still living or gone? We don't have their medical history and their names. We be appreciate that if you can assist us to find something Thursday January 14 Name: Heidi E-mail: heidirussell6 hotmail.

I really need marriage date and place for this couple I been stuck hear for many many years. Jean Baptiste Falardeau and Josephine Alain were my grandparent. Grace Fakardeau was my mother. All the brothers and sisters and parents are deceased.. Many unanswered questions..

Je recherch tout informations sur la famille Falardeau de Restigouche et Rimouski. Jaimerait connaitre meds ancetres. Je suis la fille d'une de les Falardeau. Jai 67 ans alors Ils n'ya plus personne qui peu etre blesse avec les secrets. Vous pourez me rejoindre a mon courriel. He came from a family of ten. Recently he passed away. I would like to know more about my ancestors.

My grandfather Napolean had a farm. I was born in , and my mother was I was adopted when I was almost two years old from a family in New York. I am looking for any information you may have that could help me find my birth parents. My moms dad was a truck driver 53 and her mother died of Cancer before I was born. She was the oldest of three.

One brother and one sister. My father was 32, and a mechanic. He was the eight child out of 6 brothers and 7 sisters. His father was a chief electrician and his mother a house wife. I was born in Montreal, but lived in Gaspe. Any information would be helpful. Thank you!! Wednesday December 30 Name: claudette E-mail: jeanguy. I have found a piece of a head stone with the name John St Croix and a date on the stone They were fishermen and possible soldiers. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. She married Walter Gordon Belyea. Anything would be appreciated, I've been looking for over 20 years.

They were abroad the Carricks of White Haven ship that was shipwrecked. I am interested in finding more about our family history and would love to hear more about my relatives. Further back the family was from Jersey. Anything you might have on his parents and grandparents would be appreciated. May also have spent some time in the Quebec City area and Oshawa, Ontario, just of Toronto, in the mids. Friday July 24 Name: tammy croft E-mail: bcrcroft gmail. Germain inherited a limestone quarry in the Escuminac area of Qubec from his father.

Thank you Thursday July 23 Name: tammy croft E-mail: bcrcroft gmail. I am Kingsley Manns daughter and believe I must have a few cousins out there. I do remember Alma as she babysat me in Mimico Ontario. Grandmother was killed in the same car accident at 47 years of age. Their last name is Mabe as if you know them well, give us their first names also they have one daughter name was Mary Mabe Friday June 26 Name: Jason Thiessen E-mail: spiritoffreedom hotmail.

I am looking for my mom and dad as I was adopted and picked up in Edmonton, Alberta on September 11, My mom was 21 and my dad was 22, she was a clerk and he was an officer. She was 5'2" and he was 5'11" I was given some medical treatment by a Dr. Brodeur a pediatrician. Both are musical and into sports, at the time she had four sisters and one brother and he had two brothers. Both were of french ethnicity with fair skin and my mom had freckles and dad didn't, mom had blue eyes and dad's were green. Any information as to possibly getting ahold of them would be greatly appreciated, can you help me find my biological parents?

Thank You! I've been looking for records related to my great great grandparents who, I believe, met and married in Gaspe. Her name was Roxanne Urquhart. She arrived by boat from Scotland And his name was John Walsh, from Wales. They lived in the wilderness in the Gaspe peninsula, and had two, or three children, one of whom was my great grandmother. My great grandmother married Joseph Dennis, and moved to Revere Mass. I'm blanking on her name right now I only knew her as Grammy!

My father's name was Harold Gaul. He was born in Douglastown in He married Bride Rail. My father had many siblings: Thomas, Annie, Irene and I can't remember it he name of the brother who was killed in a train accident. Thank you so much for any help you may offer in this regard. They lived and died on St.

Joseph's Island, Ontario just a 45 minute drive from Sault Ste. Any assistance you could give me would be most appreciated. I have alot of people in search of their birth families from Gaspe! If you are interested, Please join my group on Facebook! We would love to have you join, This is Free of Charge!

Have a Great Day! Friday May 1 Name: Cathie E-mail: cbech58 hotmail. I have found a news clipping mentioning his death in , listing his widow Winnifred H. I would be very grateful to find any information on my Uncle or any of his family. I am searching for information about my birth family. My mothers name was Gisele Fortin and she was from the Gaspe area. She died from Lupus approx 20 years ago.

I am her daughter marie nicole but was adopted at birth. I am heading to the gaspe area in late June to try and find some relatives and see her primary school etc. Does anyone have any information that would help? She gave birth to me in I know she had a twin sister and lots of other siblings. Please help!! Renouf born in Guernsey. His parents were Thomas and Elizabeth. Please send me something so that I may come and visit some family. Le Seigneur Nairne leur donna le Patronyme Murray.

Lise Murray Merci si vous pouvez m aider. Tuesday April 7 Name: Donna E-mail: robbie comcast. Renouf born approximately in Guernsey, England. I am frustrated. Everyone wants money that I don't have. I want to go and visit and wish to meet family. I don't remember hearing much or if anything was accurate. All I know is he had several siblings. Any free help would be appreciated.

I'm hoping to find someone that can help my husband and I with our family tree. My husband Patrick Francoeur is trying to find more information about his dad's side of the family. Daniel's parents were Yvonne Smith and Philippe Francoeur. Daniel's sibilings were Eva, Helena, Gisele, and Herman. If you have any information please email me at christine-francoeur hotmail.

Thank you! He had four sons. My grandfather came to the US around and changed his name to Edmond Minah. My father was Berryman Minah , I found a letter from a cousin Richard , Dick Gerard written to my father in the s talking about still having the farm in Fox River. Would appreciate any correspondence. So exciting!!!! Enfant naturel If so YEAH - c'est tellement fascinent!!!! Saturday March 7 Name: Julia E-mail: violetlindsey gmail.

Please get in touch with me at: violetlindsey gmail. Essentiellement, j'utilise les registres existants et les sources fiables disponibles. Si vous avez des infos, vous pouvez me contacter par message personnel sur ce site. Merci :Vicky Breton -Quirion yanang9. June 6, later Coull James Jamieson. They are not, however, buried together he at St. Andrews in New Richmond. She lived in Grand Cascapedia and was, according to oral sources, adopted. I was told by family members that she had been refused from an orphanage in Bonaventure County because of the protestant faith of her parents, whom I believe died from smallpox in the s though this is just a theory.

I am not sure about the Catholic-Protestant story, which I suspect may have been coloured by the prejudices of my informer. Seeing as the name is uncommon, I am assuming that the original ancestor in the area is Jean Lebuffe b. Catholic, I believe he was Acadian, though it is a rare name. I have not found this name linked to Channel Island sources either.

Any help would be appreciated. He was b. I don't know anything more about him or George Lucas b. I know nothing abt. If anyone having any information on either of these men could tell me anything I would be grateful. Grace Saturday January 31 Name: elisabeth blanche E-mail: lijon yahoo. She was 22 and my dad was I would be so grateful,thank you Elisabeth blanche Thursday January 22 Name: Blake E-mail: blakedickie hotmail. I have been unable to to find any type of map. Any advice on how I would find a map or location of the property would be fantastic. He was my blood brother,but we were not very close.

It is my ancestor. British Colony on July. I canonly find records for his son, my great great grandfather Alphonse OConnor born - married to Eugenie Fortin. I would greatly appreciate any assistance. This is the information that was received from the Centre. Joseph Christian Belanger was born January 29, at St. Michel's Hosp in Montreal! He was then transferred to Creche d'Youville on February 25, , then transferred to Gaspe Social Services and was placed in Foster homes until he was adopted by an American family in His birth mother was 20 yrs old, from Bonaventure is supposedly still in that area!

She had 10 siblings. If anyone can assist in this search for his birth family, Any help would be greatly appreciated! I know they were in the area where the tribe was at the time. Would anyone have any information that could help me in this? Thanks so much for any help or guidance you could provide. A few days ago I received an email from a good friend in Ireland. HIs cousin has come to a dead end researching the family tree. In , because of the famine, two of his Murray ancestors left Ireland. Thomas Murray, his wife and 6 kids as well as the widow Murray with her 7 children all sailed on The Carraig of White-haven for Canada.

It sank at the Cap-des-Rosiers and of , only 47 lived. His cousin cannot trace any Murrays who survived but some children were taken in by other families and may have a new name. Are there any websites that provide information on Irish children adopted in Quebec or elsewhere in Canada during the famine years? Thank you, any help will be most appreciated. Tuesday October 14 Name: Christian H. E-mail: canadienne.

My biological mother would have been born in or no later than late January She is approximately 5'4" in height,Brown hair and eyes and weighed approximately at the time of my birth. To the best of my knowledge she currently resides in Bonaventure. Both of her parents were born approximately in She was third of eleven children 4 brothers, 6 sisters. The father was a machine operator and the mother a housewife. If anyone has any information please contact me. Thursday October 9 Name: Lynne dugas E-mail: annemarie41 hotmail.

She was born and raised in around St-Georges de la Malbaie. She was born Marie Anne Soulange Mercier. I am not sure when she changed to name to Laura. I was hoping to have a picture taken off that picture for my family tree. Whom ever ended up with the picture, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me on my email. His son was Thomas who had a son, John James. He graduated from New Carlisle High School in I am writing a biography of him and cannot seem to find a photograph of the New Carlisle High School on line - would appreciate if anyone could send me one.

Patrick's Church I am told my birth name was Barbara Marie Baird. I was adopted from a foster home sometime in August I am looking for any information on my birth mother, please contact me at the above email. Any information you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Monday May 26 Name: J. His father was John James b. John's father was Charles Murray b. Any information would be appreciated as I am hoping to visit Bonaventure, New Carlisle area. Friday March 28 Name: jimandtheresamercier-stunden E-mail: benny vianet.

They have both passed away a long time ago. They had several children before they split up. My mother was Florence Martel deceased. I am desparetly looking gmothers name before she was adopted. Would appreceate any help. Jim Stunden's email. I found an antique wooden box signed on the bottom, "Alex Maloney, Barchois" Wondered if someone wanted it. My adoption was finalized in Gaspe. I was adopted in Sept and brought to USA. Sisters of charity handled adoption. My birthname was Marie Chantal Caron. I am looking for my birthfamily or info on them. For the last almost 47 years my heart has ached for the missing piece of my life please help me find it Thursday February 6 Name: Leo Allen E-mail: leoallen48 gmail.

Saturday January 25 Name: john warren E-mail: warrenpaulyvan gmail. I have been unable to find any info. E-mail: scottmcintoshue hotmail. The Langbelle line of Neils Brock goes back to the 's Denmark my mother who now goes by Anne Dunlop anndunlop gmail. Mary of Annuniciation Church, Cambridge, Ma.

Her father was Hermenegile Rousell and her mother was Mary Paulmart. Information fr4om Church of Latter Day Saints web page indicate that during the Canadian Census, Page 4 household number 39, the household of Hermenegile Roussel age 38 were d. His wife Mary Paulmart is not listed on the census, leaving the question whether Mary may have died a year earlier during or right after the birth of Edmund. I have a web site, mcnaughtfamily.

Any further information will be greatly appreciated. Languedoc has any even if it's a only a little native as in First Nation ancestry? Thursday December 5 Name: Denise E-mail: clavetdenise hotmail. I am searching for these again. Can anyone offer a suggestion. Sunday November 24 Name: L. Menard E-mail: lyh2b videotron. She was an infant. I believe she is buried in St Hubert in Canada. Sunday November 3 Name: Suzanne nolan E-mail: smanolan yahoo. I was born Marthe Bernatchez on Novemer 1, Birth certificate says York Harbour. Please email me. They are my grandparents and I spent many summers in Gaspe.

All I really know is that they were in wwII Thank you Friday September 13 Name: lani baker mitchell E-mail: bakerkid gmail. Someone from the Channels Islands has asked me to find this descendant as they have the Ollivier family bible meant to go to Arthur's descendant. Thanks bakerkid gmail. Georgina was probably born around ???

She had 2 sons. One is Kenneth White of California, who may still be alive. She actuall had 3 sons! My grandfather was born Phillip Woods on Dec 12th He was given up for adoption on Dec 24th He was adopted by Georgina's cousin Phyllis and George Mair. She took her secret with her to the grave and never told her Husband Edward she had a son out of wedlock! My grandpa George Mair 84 has 2 brothers. My gpa is the best gpa anyone could ever ask for! Hes a wonderful man and he should know his roots! Please help!!!

I would appreciate if one does to send it to me via e-mail. I am particularly interested in the names on the headstone. I believe it is behind the community or old community center, in St-Majorique. My gr. Her name was Elizabeth Mullin d. I wonder if George is on the headstone since we cannot find any record of his death.

I cannot find Peter,s baptismal record either. Any information on any of these individuals would be appreciated. William Thomas who disappeared between in Matapedia, his horse and wagon was found and it is assumed he drowned. I was told by family members his body was never recovered. William was the husband of Sarah Firth daughter of George Firth. Sarah remarried in to John Brown. Any help would be greatly appreciated. According to the Census he and his family left the Gaspe Basin in or He was born September 15, and married a Philomena Mallon her last name may not be spelt correctly.

Can anyone help me in my quest. Do you know where these photos are or would you be interested in taking photos? Please and Thank You from the bottom of my heart. He Married Marie Dina Laronde.. Daughter Aldia born Aldia Married Prive in N. It's been a year since I posted and still nothing. Anyone with informaton on this?

North Carolina Digital Collections

Would be so blessed to have any information or pictures on those above who are related. My name is Lincoln Keays and I lived about two miles or so west of where the wreck occurred in a little place called Oak Bay. I remember the wreck very well as I was about 16 years old at the time. I have information and photos that you may be interested in.

I have a picture of my Grand-mother and would love a picture of my Grand-father Thanks. Martha Patterson Costello at marpat costello. They raised a large family in Mal Bay Quebec. Charles de la haye married to Elsie Legresley came from Jersey around They had two sons, Kingsley, Selwyn and a daughter Thelma.

I have been unsuccessful in reaching him at his previous email address. Would anyone know how I could contact him? I just do not seem to be able to locate any info. Wednesday April 17 Name: rose-marie mallet E-mail: m-mallet hotmail. Plus their was a song of the train wreck and i forget the name of it as i want to get the song and the info on the wreck as i know the member of Mr Finley Sinclair Family Thanks for your help much appreciated Thursday March 21 Name: beatrice lavoie E-mail: beata hotmail.

Her father was Jean-baptiste Martel. Comments: Our family use to live in York down the road from the fish Hatchery years ago. My grandmother sybil nelson use to live there numerous years ago.. My parents-her daughter- got her to move to ottawa in Her brother my great uncle lived 2 doors over to her years ago. I still have some "small" amount of relatives still living in gaspe. To:-if u find this message- any of my relatives still living in gaspe or to Lisa Patterson in Burlington or Wendy Coffin in new Brunswick..

Would like to know how gaspe has changed since I was there years ago. His name was Edmund Gregory Girard. Elomond Girard. The letters were requesting baptism record from Douglastown to settle an estate. My grandfather was married in Lancaster New Hampshire in Any information would be appreciated. He was in Minnadosa Manitoba or the general area in around New Marlene Hamlin who worked as a nurse at that time. Please forward any information to marielangford hotmail. Thursday January 31 Name: Diane lelievre E-mail: diane.

Her maiden name was Ellen Lamb born in and died in I would also like to see photos of her if available. What happened to her and who are her ancestors in the Gaspe?! Monday January 7 Name: alma adams E-mail: shirleybertoldi hotmail. I would appreciate any information or records of her birth or any other information available, it would be nice to have her read or see her history from gaspe. Sadly, that is all I know about his relations but I know there are many still living in the area.

If anyone can help, I would be very grateful. Sunday December 9 Name: margaret pietro E-mail: supermom bellaliant. I'm looking for my great grandmother, Philomene Adrien. She married Alec Dupuis in Quebec. Their son Emile, my grandfather was born in at Hull Quebec. Thanks for any help. Any information would help. If you would like pictures of a particular headstone or marking on Vimy Memorial or the Menin Gate, just e-mail me at gaspeww1project gmail.

Wednesday November 14 Name: joan girard annett E-mail: joanannett hotmail. Both my Grandparents were born in Gaspe. Ruby Girard nee Rehel and Herbert Girard. I know a bit about my Grandma's side as my mom is still in contact with most of her aunts and uncles. I know my great grandparents were Annabelle and Emadie Rehel. I'm just very curious to know more about my family. Any information would be greatly appreciated as the generations move on we lose so much history. Notes on Crocket family of Virginia and Kentucky. Notes on Hollowell family of North Carolina. Curry, born in Texas.

Family of Abel Curtiss, b. Charts and notes. No genealogical material. Field ca. An original letter of C. Also spelled Teter. Dunham, b. Earliest entry to Joseph County, Indiana. Elwell of Ashtabula County, Ohio ca. He died No dates. Bible record of Daniel Finch family of Connecticut and New york. Corrections to Fisher Family published Also notes on Fitch families in Fleming County, Kentucky.

Wife of Stephen Pierce. Some lived in Washington County, Ohio. He was a descendant of Patrick Henry and Merriwether Lewis. Typescript sketches of prominent Fords in America. Clark Ford, born , and of Eliphalet Miller Ford. John G. Fraser, born in Vermont, of Cleveland, Ohio. Original military commission of Samuel French, New York, Cambridge and Cleveland, Ohio. Descendant of Nathan Ganson of Massachusetts.

Gard family of Morristown, New Jersey. Garfield, including biographical sketch of Abram Garfield, b. Gates, b. Graves born and Ashel Payne born Descendant of Maj. Greenleaf, born , resident of Cleveland, Ohio. Biographical sketch of Frederick Greenwood, married in Boston. Griffin born and wife Huldah. Descendant of Nathaniel Griswold of Windsor, Connecticut. Edwards, of Ashland, Ohio. Halle, born , Cleveland, Ohio. Hampton family. Some lived Akron, Ohio. Typescript genealogy. Descendants in New York and Illinois. One printed page. No location. Hodge of Cleveland, Ohio. Settled at Cleveland in Nathan Howard.

Correspondence re: David Hudson of the Western Reserve, born Few dates in latter generations. Descendant of soldier John Jackson of Massachusetts. Also Bible record of Seth Jenney Descendant of William Johnson died of Charlstown, Massachusetts. Also William Johnson family. Kelley, born at Kelley's Island, Ohio. Descendant of Daniel Kelley of Norwich, Connecticut. Kelley's The Kelleys of Brentwood. Kelly born , of Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

Bible record of Ebenezer Kellog born family. Kirtland family of the Western Reserve. Original manuscript dated at Weiszkirch. Latham family, probably of Geauga County, Ohio. Eli Lindesmith, born near Lisbon, Ohio. Resident of Cleveland, Ohio. Descended from Joseph Lindesmith of Pennsylvania. Also miscellaneous notes. Family reunion notes from s in Massachusetts CR: Wilcox. Charles Lyman, born Lyman, born in Trumbull County, Ohio. McAdoo, born at Michigan City, Indiana. Probably lived in Norwalk, Ohio. McLaughlin, born West Virginia , resided Cleveland.

Descendant of Daniel McLaughlin of Virginia. Lived in Washington County, Pennsylvania and Illinois. Ephraim born in Conway, Massachusetts and died at Bedford, Ohio. Notes on early New England Martyns. Alleyne Maynard d. Millard, b. Descendant of Abiathar Millard. About pages. Genealogical record of John C. Rippey's descendant mentioned in letter. Brattleboro, CR: Finch, Britton. Near, born in California. Family from Iowa. Samuel Niles, , Braintree, Massachusetts. Descendant of George Norris of Maryland. Joseph Leonuad Leon Duguay Theodule Duguay Joseph Gabriel Duguay Many thanks for any help you can give me.

But more specifically their sons and there sons sons. Robert and Marie's sons. Samuel discounted checked out. Jean -? His sons Wilfred -? Joseph Leonaud -? David - His sons David - Armand -? There maybe other sons we have not found. Leon - His son Theodule -? Joseph - His sons Joseph Gabriel - Alfred - 6.

James - His sons Jacques - Robert - One of these sons is my Grandfather if you are male or female and directly related to any one of them I would greatly appreciate information on them. Many thanks for your kind help. I am trying to find the names of my family. We are from the St. Berthier, Trois Rivieres area but I keep being led back to Gaspe. Her mother was Josephte Beland. Any help would be so wonderful. Is there anyone who could give me a clue on how to find out or any direct information. I would appreciate any help, please. Tuesday May 21 Name: sheila roussel E-mail: sheila.

My Grandfather was Edmond Gregory Girard. He ad several brothers Edon, Hilaire, Jerome. My Great grandfather was Charles Patrick Girard he was borne in and died in I have letters from Fox River from the s and 40s so they were communicating then. Any information would be greatly appreciated. John Patrick Murray and Annie Miles. Any suggestions? She was married to?? She had a number of children, my grandfather was one of them, his name was George. He had sisters. Debra Jane Smith left the community, left her children and went to BC. Looking for any info. About this family. Much appreciated.

I know that original church burned down around I'm trying to find a picture of the original church. Any help to find a site where they would have a picture of that church or names of cemeteries would be great. His name was ernest joseph English. His fathers name was Frederic Alfred English. Their district was number Sub District F His mothers name was Leontine English. Daughter Isabelle Doddridge b She married John Budd. Would like marriage record ,census records. Was Doddgidge a Loyalist?

Was Budd born in Bonaventure? Who were his parents? Thanks so very much. Monday March 18 Name: paul beck E-mail: beckp15 yahoo. His name was Joseph Ralph Beck. His Father was Albert Beck. I was wondering if someone has some information on him for me. Good day. Tracing back the Fam! Her grandfather and grandmother were Albert Beck and Emilie Guiti, probably born around ? Her father was Ralph Joseph Beck, Does anyone have any information on them? I would love to know who their parents were and where they were originally from. I am doing a historical project and this information is a major turning point.

He as replaced temporarly by Jasper Grant of Ireland who was an officer in the 41st regiment. I do not know hopw long Jasper was there but he died in in Ireland so it will have been brief. Can anyone scare up any local information about either of these men? I am trying to find the name of Bruce My roots are very deep in the area and I would love to connect.

Tuesday February 12 Name: Maryse boulay E-mail: boulaymaryse hotmail. I think he came from Gaspesie or Montmagny. He had curly dark hair and wasn't tall.

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At the time, Jimmy's mother was a nurse at Montreal's Royal Victoria hospital. Eva K. Eva Keleutak was born in at St. Mary's hospital in Montreal. Eva and her mother moved back home to the Arctic when she was still a baby. She's now hoping to connect with Jimmy and his siblings. Any information is much appreciated.

Wednesday February 6 Name: ann belanger E-mail: ann. His names is James Hunter. He was baptized with the Flynn family and also in Census in Maniwaki quebec. After his adopted mother passed I don't know where he is in He shows back up in married in Ottawa to Mary Lowery. NINA was b. She m. Her father was in insurance. She was 9th child of 12 - 8 boys and 4 girls.

Wednesday December 26 Name: Cheri E-mail: eyedesign cox. Any information is appreciated. Thank you in advance! He was married to Julia Judith Girard. I cannot find any birth or death information whatsoever. Can anyone help? He was a fisherman doing business with Hugh Munro of Nipisiguit around Florent left his name to Pointe-Fleurant or Florence's point. Her name was Martha Eugenia Johnston. At some point she moved to Blackville, N. I do not know any more about her years in Miguasha.

If anyone can point me in the direction of resources that would be greatly appreciated. I am searching for my birth parents or members of their family. My birth name is Sebastian Clark. I do not have any information regarding my birth parents. Haverhill NH, d. VT USA, d. This is all I know at this point. All I have been able to find to date is the following timeline: 1 ca, Walter was born 2 - His daughter Eleanor "Helen" C. Listed on board the same vessel was one William Garrett b.

William Garrett in New Carlisle and they had 5 children. From the little I have found raises many more questions for me. Todd IRE; d. Margaret Jane Symington b. I will travel one day to Gaspe to look into the archives but my question is are there any people there that do a family tree to look into my great great great Grandfather.

If you or anyone you know has a copy of this book, I would love it or a copy as it is no longer in print. Thank you so much Wednesday April 4 Name: lynne dugas E-mail: annemarie41 hotmail. Her maiden name is Bond,also some places i have seen her name spelled madeleine, so thought i would look here and try and see, any info would be greatly appreciated thank you. I think my grandmothers brother was Walter.. Let us know! There are many links that could help, especially "Our Gaspe Roots.

I found her with a quick search in Our Gaspe Roots. The family story is that she left Gaspe to work in service in Montreal where she met my Grandfather who was a Chauffeur.

She was born approximately Saturday February 10 Name: hailey E-mail: hailsmail hotmail. I am looking for any information for my ancestor Bernard Beland dit Daraiche, born d. He apparently married a woman named marie mcgrath but there are several different spellings for him. His father was Roch Daraiche. Any information would be appreciated, I have tried several sites but have only found minimal information. Thanks for reading!

PDF Family Genealogy Queries: ANDREWS ANDREW ANDRESS ANSLEY (Southern Genealogical Research)

My mom was 22 at the time, French Canadian and a housekeeper. She has 2 previous pregnancies before me. She completed primary school at Her dad was 61 years old and a fisherman. Her mom was 59 years old and a housewife. Records show my mom had 2 brothers and a sister and she was the 3rd child. My dad was 33 years old, also French Canadian. He was a lumberman. He had light brown hair and blue eyes.

The records I have state that they were in a relationship for 4 years when they had me and that she would like to marry him. I was eligible for adoption Jan 1st, even though my parents never signed consent since after 6 months if the care, maintenance or education of a child has not actually been assumed by the mother of father. I was placed in the social services nursey June 26th, until April 8th, I was then placed with a foster family in Fontenelle April 8th, until July 30th, At this point they had moved and I was placed with another family. I was placed with another foster family in Cortereal from July 30th, until Jan 12th, They tried to adopt me but did not succeed.

I was placed with my actual adoptive family Jan 12th, I was legally adopted March, 7th, by my family in the U. It looks like according to the stamp on my passport I came to the U. July 25th, The name Mario Duguay is what appears on my birth certificate and my Canadian passport. Also that is the name on all the adoption papers. The documents my parents gave me say Social Services of Gaspe. The signature on the paperwork was Ginette Roy. Also received a certificate of health and the pediatrician was Marc Andre Pouliot. Also I have a document that says the agency was represented by Mrs.

Annaline Oullette. I was baptized in St. The photo on my page is the youngest photo I have of myself. I would have been around 3 years old there. That was the photo on my Canadian passport. I will post other photos of myself throughout the years. I created this page with the hope of location biological family, either parents, siblings, aunts or uncles, or cousins. I am in touch with a 2nd cousin and a 3rd cousin that I found through a DNA match but unfortunately they were adopted as well.

If anyone knows anything at all please reach out to me either on Facebook or the email I created Mario. Gaspe gmail. Wiliam dad was Charles Dobson Unable to find out about there stay in New Carlisle, if anyone has information where they were buried or any information would be appreciated. The adoption was through Catholic Charities and spoke French As a baby. My birth mother was a native of Gaspe. I was born in Montreal and brought to the Orphanage in Gaspe! I was there to visit in I was told that the orphanage had burned down! It has since become the Post office In town.

I believe it is on Rue Adams area? I met a nun there when I visited. Does anyone have any information on this Orphanage? May God Bless You! He was born February 29, Parents Her name was berte and the father was tanquerd. Please if you can help, i am his daughter, thank you. My birthday is november 28, and was hoping to find family or history information.

A number of years ago I attended the Willett reunion along with my husband Luc Bertrand not knowing at the time if I had the right Willetts. I had been in touch with Peggy Willett who had encouraged me to go. I would very much like to get in touch with Peggy again. Could someone help? I am still missing a number of facts but as I said my DNA has linked me with several people of the William Willett family which is very satisfying after so many years of research.

Hope to hear from Peggy or anyone else who is interested in this family.

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Rocha E-mail: rcmalk outlook. Thursday December 14 Name: Cheryl E-mail: ch. I don't know much else other than she was from Gaspe and wasn't a really nice lady. She was my g-grandmother. Anything would be appreciated. I've been looking for over 20 years. Thank you, Beth Barton Bethb yahoo. Both born in Gaspe in the 's. They are my Grandparents.

Thank you Monday November 20 Name: terry monaghan E-mail: tcmterry yahoo. She was my Grandmother. Her father was Simon Desroches. I am wondering if there are still living relatives in the area.

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My mother, Mercedes Atteberry, would have visited the area about 20 years ago? I am just curious about that part of my family history. Thanks to anyone who replies. I have a picture of her and I'm trying to find out the name of the man with her. If you are related to the Sweeneys or the Hamons of Malbaie, you might be able to help me identify the man in the picture.

For some reason, I'm not able to post a link to the picture here. Please email me at anniedee35 gmail. J'ai une photo d'elle et j'essaie de trouver le nom de l'homme avec elle. Pour une raison quelconque, je ne peux pas poster un lien vers l'image ici. Married to Anastasie Moses or Moises. Especially interested in any record of his parents. Also, I have been told in that time frame many Native births were recorded as "black". Can anyone verify that?

I am told I have Native heritage but would like to document it. Please email me if you can offer information about my grandparents and anything else about the family. Thank you so much. I received an answer from a cousin Elda. Sadly my daughter became very ill and passed away in June so I never answered. Wondering is anyone is still around to answer. They were Corbins who married into the Beebe family. I am looking for some context for their lives in New Carlisle and wondered if any had any suggestions on where I might find information on what life was like in the community during the time they lived there.

Any suggestions are welcome! I believe that he may be my 3rd great grandfather and would like to know more about his whereabouts after I believe he is the father of Daniel Vicaire Lejeune from Newport, who was illegitimate. Were there any scandals or issues with George or his family that would cause him to leave his job at Robin and leave New Carlisle?

Did he die in an accident? If you have come across any information, please let me know. Sunday July 30 Name: Tilar R. E-mail: tilar81 gmail. I know he was born in Gaspe in and immigrated into the U. S in I have found some information on him in the U. S but none in Gaspe so any information or resources are appreciated. E-mail: tcasey ptd. Born April at Chandler Hospital.

Adopted name Thomas Henry Casey. Baptismal name Leblanc may not be correct - possible name change by the church. Wednesday July 19 Name: Pat S. E-mail: Tsanta64 yahoo. I was reunited with my biological parents many years ago. I am curious as to who my foster mother may have been. My great grandmother was we believe the only child born to Henri Doucet and Jeanne maiden name unknown. Her name was Marie Doucet sometimes listed as Minnie, sometimes written as Doucette. In , she moved to Quebec City where she met her husband, a Maltese immigrant.

I know nothing more of her parents but would appreciate anything I could use as a clue! My grandfather was wharwell "red" eden my mother is Bonnie Eden.. Her daughter was Catherine Loiselle. The time frame of birth would be the late 's. Her family was from the Port Daniel Paspebiac Gaspe area.

Could either of these be of our famiily? I have some indication that a John, Thomas, Henry and a William Stanley having fishing stations salmon I believe on the Dartmouth in the mid 's. My family appears to descend from a Thomas Stanley born in and his son John Stanley born in Could the John Stanley mentioned in the will have been a man servant military to Felix O'Hara thus making him a soldier of the British Army?

There may have been a daughter born in the 50's as well. I believe I am related to this family, and would very much like to contact them. I believe William and Vivian were born in the s. They had at least 2 sons, born in the early s, perhaps in Gaspe, or Douglastown. William may have worked in a garage, or car sales in Gaspe in the s. Any information would be very much appreciated.

Tuesday June 13 Name: Debret E-mail: daisy stashdawg. Also a daughter Elizabeth who after parents die, lives with the Beck family. Any info or direction appreciated as to arrival, family anything. He was listed as being a fisherman,Anglican church.. Also his wife ,Mary Piton, many Pitons came from Jersey islands, cannot find her story. My mother's father. Seeking any know photographs of him.

Any help would be appreciate. Upon a recent death in our family I have discovered that my Great Grandfather was a Micmac from Gaspe. His name was Joseph Jock. He married Jessey Parent, and the last name was changed to Joseph Jacques. The spelling of these names may be incorrect.

I also have a picture of him. I beleive he may have been born around I am looking for any information on my mother's parents James Syvret who was married was a Mary Mancil Vardon. I would love to know my family. One of the first on record is James Shannon whose name I found in early grant petitions and in the census. He was married to Mary Madigan.

I am curious about any connection between James Shannon and my gg grandfather ,Michael, who arrived in Canada in Tuesday April 4 Name: Linda E-mail: ldotson hotmail. My grandfather was killed, understand, by a truck around the time my father, last name is Couture was approx 5 years old My father had one brother and two sisters Any info would be very helpful Wednesday March 29 Name: aaron mendelson E-mail: im40luv aol.

My late father Hyman Mendelson was born in in Douglastown Quebec. His father was originally from Romania and operated a retail dry goods store at that time called Grand Maurice or possible Grand Morris since his English name was Morris Is there anyway to confirm my fathers birthplace and any other information that might be in city records.

I hope to visit Douglastown sometimes soon and any info you might have would be most appreciated. Kenny born born in ireland wife Margaret kennedy, born in ireland james j. I am a descendant of the Minchinton's and my current research is focusing on John Francis Minchinton B and his descendants. Also looking to possibly collaborate with anyone else doing Genealogy on the Family. Catholic adoption involved father Allard and sister Mary Euguene.

I was adopted tothe United States 11 months later. I Believe I am French Canadian Looking for my heritage. Her father Royce and her aunt were the last of her family to be born in Peninsula. We are planning to visit Gaspe after Easter to visit St. Matthews and the site of Richard's home. Not sure whether her grandfather and great-grandfather's homes were torn down.

Looking for a contact in the area that might be willing to meet with us, perhaps even a relative. I appreciate the help. My great grandfather died in Union City, Tn. If anyone has information please help me. If you have any information I would really appreciate any you may have. Thank You. Baird E-mail: dbaird11 hotmail. Green or Greene.. She was my great grandmother.. I believe they married in My grandfather was Earl Morgan Travers. He had a brother named Roy Travers. His mother might have been Mary Ross. Mickey Methot moved to Campbellton and changed his name to Micheal Richardson Mickey came from the Restigouche Listuij First Nation Could someone give me information on what I have given you or do you need more info Thank you very much for your interest Oh, also, David was born at St.

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Jules, Que. Wednesday December 21 Name: huard E-mail: denisehuard87 gmail. My father Lester is from the Gaspe, but we were checking to see if anyone has any genealogy history for this family, as he does not know much about his fathers ancestry. Thanks in advance! My paternal grandparents came from there and moved to North Brookfield, MA sometime around the 's or 's. Thank you for any details you might be able to send me. Terry Wednesday November 30 Name: sheila E-mail: peter. I lost touch a few years back and would like to get in touch with her again.

My father was Earle Donald Coffin, his father was Donald Coffin, and his grandfather was Reuben Coffin, so I'm searching for information on this family lineages ancestors. Can anyone please direct to someone, or another resource, who may be able to help me? My paternal grandfather was Clair Forest who left Gaspe quite young.

Family Genealogy Queries: ANDREWS ANDREW ANDRESS ANSLEY (Southern Genealogical Research) Family Genealogy Queries: ANDREWS ANDREW ANDRESS ANSLEY (Southern Genealogical Research)
Family Genealogy Queries: ANDREWS ANDREW ANDRESS ANSLEY (Southern Genealogical Research) Family Genealogy Queries: ANDREWS ANDREW ANDRESS ANSLEY (Southern Genealogical Research)
Family Genealogy Queries: ANDREWS ANDREW ANDRESS ANSLEY (Southern Genealogical Research) Family Genealogy Queries: ANDREWS ANDREW ANDRESS ANSLEY (Southern Genealogical Research)
Family Genealogy Queries: ANDREWS ANDREW ANDRESS ANSLEY (Southern Genealogical Research) Family Genealogy Queries: ANDREWS ANDREW ANDRESS ANSLEY (Southern Genealogical Research)
Family Genealogy Queries: ANDREWS ANDREW ANDRESS ANSLEY (Southern Genealogical Research) Family Genealogy Queries: ANDREWS ANDREW ANDRESS ANSLEY (Southern Genealogical Research)
Family Genealogy Queries: ANDREWS ANDREW ANDRESS ANSLEY (Southern Genealogical Research) Family Genealogy Queries: ANDREWS ANDREW ANDRESS ANSLEY (Southern Genealogical Research)
Family Genealogy Queries: ANDREWS ANDREW ANDRESS ANSLEY (Southern Genealogical Research) Family Genealogy Queries: ANDREWS ANDREW ANDRESS ANSLEY (Southern Genealogical Research)
Family Genealogy Queries: ANDREWS ANDREW ANDRESS ANSLEY (Southern Genealogical Research) Family Genealogy Queries: ANDREWS ANDREW ANDRESS ANSLEY (Southern Genealogical Research)

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