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Life's no drag for Natalia Pliacam

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Life's A Drag: Interview With Panti

Add to bag. A fourteen-colour eyeshadow palette. Your Kinda Vibe. What our customers thought Colour Payoff Amazing! Long Lasting? Get Katsuki used to nearly-daily bread and then whip it away to coerce him into spending time with the redhead? Katsuki felt his resolve weakening, and a blush begin to crawl up his neck. His willpower was becoming the blush, in fact, seeping away into it, and Katsuki had to look away to gather himself again. Fuck, it was like when that damned dragon gave him that puppy-dog look.

Were big, wide, shiny eyes one of Katsuki's weaknesses? Couldn't have been, or Uraraka would have wheedled some gold out of him already. The way Kirishima's face lit up how? He was already so fucking bright made the prospect of having to, ugh, interact with people worth it. Can we go now, or are you still working on your plants? Katsuki shrugged. It wasn't like any of his fruits and vegetables needed to be tended every day, it was just something he had been doing so he wouldn't have Kirishima knocking on his door and coming into his house and stealing the last few pieces of his heart away when he left.

Katsuki shook that thought away. Kirishima kept beaming as Katsuki went to lock up his back door and vaulted over the fence he might have maybe been potentially trying to show off, possibly. Katsuki kept shooting glances over at the other guy, trying to work out what the fuck he ought to be saying. Kirishima had a grin plastered onto his face, though, only a grin and no expectant looks or bubbling questions. Fuckin' weird. Katsuki ran through his own personal list of conversational topics.

It was brief. He didn't like any of them. Kirishima turned his head. Oh, well, you prefer not talking, right? Oh, so, Kirishima was trying to make him more comfortable? You like talking though. You want to talk? All fucking day, if he could only get through the blockade from his brain to his tongue. Katsuki settled for a shrug and Kirishima hummed.

He tilted his head in an adorable puppy-like way when Katsuki nodded. Kirishima threw his head back in a laugh that made Katsuki's face turn red again. Shit, shit, no, he hadn't meant for that to happen. Kirishima's smile glowed again, and they carried on into town in silence.

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This time it felt comfortable. Kirishima waved at people they passed as they made their way towards the bakery. Katsuki didn't, his mind elsewhere. Not that he would have waved anyway. Katsuki was trying to work out just what Kirishima thought he was getting out of this. He clearly wasn't afraid of the village, so it wasn't fucking like, emotional support. He didn't seem to need to talk all the damn time, so it wasn't necessarily a conversational partner.

So what? Neighbourly good will? He was just that nice that he was worried about Katsuki or some shit?

You're now in slide show mode.

There was the option of asking , but then there was the danger that Katsuki would learn that Kirishima's interest in him was just that. An interest. In him. Katsuki didn't know how he was supposed to react to that. He hated not knowing how to do something, so in general if there was something he couldn't do he just didn't do it.

If he couldn't be the best, what was the fucking point? He didn't want to humiliate himself. His brain reminded him that he had been doing exactly that with Kirishima almost every fucking day, and the redhead didn't seem to mind. Oh, they were here already? That was fast. Katsuki picked out a loaf of bread, Kirishima added three more, what the fuck, and paid for all of them. What did he even need all of that for? Was he like some sort of fucking bread angel? All that fuss that Katsuki had kicked up seemed pointless, really.

He hadn't needed to talk to anyone but Kirishima after all. Kirishima laughed, his arms around his three loaves. I need a lot to eat. Later, when Red showed up, Katsuki was sat outside his house staring down the lane. Red nudged him with a nose. Sass from a dragon that couldn't even fucking talk, great. He traced the scar on the dragon's eye and wondered how the beast had got it. Never felt the fucking need before. Look, I've been able to fucking ignore my Fuck, crushes before now, but this- Fuck, I'm losing to it and I hate that. And I'm mad that I'm not even mad about it, except I am a little.

Just not as much as I should be. Shit, does that even make any sense? He stared up at the dusky sky at the first few stars glimmering there. Kirishima lured Katsuki into town several times after that. Katsuki tried to put up a token resistance, but Kirishima seemed to know that Katsuki would give in if he just fluttered his eyelashes and whined Katsuki's full name a couple of times. Then, a few days later, he showed up with his hair not in spikes.

It fell down to his shoulders instead, and Katsuki had to fight to keep his jaw from dropping as he caught sight of it. Hhhwhat the holy fuck? Kirishima flinched. What the fuck. His fingers twitched at his sides. Good gods did he want to get his hands on that hair. The redhead grimaced. I like your spikes, Spikes, but this is just. It's good. Holy shit was he crying? Kirishima jumped the fence and scooped Katsuki into a bone-crushing hug. Holy fucking fuck he was strong.

Holy fuck! Katsuki's arms came up to pat Kirishima on the back. That was what you were supposed to do in a hug, right? Just from the crushing on his lungs of course. Katsuki felt his chest squeeze. Ah, fuck. Several of the birds were milling around outside, pecking at the grass. Katsuki felt a little self-conscious as he called them over with a chickeny noise, but Kirishima's widening eyes made him forget that pretty quickly.

Which ones are your favourites? Katsuki held the rooster under his arm and looked around at the hens. Katsuki pointed. Murder Mountain is the blue still pecking about over there. Kirishima beamed at him, trying to stroke as many of the hens as he could all at once. Katsuki sat and brought Lord Explodo-Kills into his own lap. The big rooster was pretty docile. A small, dark red hen hopped onto Kirishima's shoulder and pecked lightly at his ear.

Can I name this one? Well, he did kind of like the little red hen. She had an attitude. Kirishima nodded, flashing his teeth in delight. He set Crimson on his chest, spread his arms and shut his eyes with a sigh.

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  5. His hair was splayed out around his head like a red halo. Katsuki couldn't help but stare. Fuck, he was pretty. Katsuki wanted to shoo all of the chickens away and lay down on Kirishima himself, press his face into the side of Kirishima's neck and breathe in his scent and feel the rise and fall of the redhead's ribs underneath him. Other than that, I dunno. Odd jobs. If someone wants some game I go hunt it for them. They said it helps to have someone actually working the bellows instead of relying on Todoroki's fire magic all the time. He stored it away for later.

    Fuck, why did he say that? He sounded concerned, and maybe he was, but he didn't need that expressed out loud! He stretched his arms up - fuck - and his eyes cracked open. Katsuki looked away. Fuckdamn he could hear his own voice and it was dripping with sappiness. Ah fuck it. You can bother me too, I guess , ain't got anything else I'm doing.

    Good fucking grief. He shut his eyes again. I think you're my best friend. Red didn't turn up that evening, so Katsuki wasn't able to tell him how he'd just sat there and gaped in silence for several minutes before muttering out a soft 'yeah, me too'. He wasn't able to tell the dragon how he didn't even feel that bad about ousting Kaminari from that spot, because it was true. Kirishima had burrowed his way into Katsuki further than anyone had ever been before.

    Katsuki supposed that dragons could be busy with whatever dragons did when they weren't fucking around and pestering humans. He had to settle for telling the chickens, but, well, they were just chickens and they didn't understand shit. The next day, and Kirishima was back in high spirits and spiked hair again.

    He grinned and invited Katsuki in on another trip into the village, and Katsuki didn't even complain. He just stood up from where he had been kneeling next to his carrots, locked up, and joined Kirishima along the lane. The redhead seemed to be in a chatty mood this morning, and wittered on and on about this that and the other.

    Katsuki just listened, found himself enjoying it, and imagined what it would be like to have Kirishima's words bouncing around his house instead of spiralling away into the air out here. He did not, however, prepare for Kaminari Interaction, which was unfortunate, as the golden-haired guy popped up and started walking along with them half-way across the village. Kirishima grinned. It's the bread, right? Blasty-boy here's always had a taste for it.

    Then the two veered off into another topic until they reached Uraraka's tower. The witch herself was standing outside, sipping on a mug of something that probably wasn't completely tea, and Kirishima bounded over to talk to her. Katsuki hung back, unwilling to talk to her unless absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, Kaminari decided that he was hanging back to chat or something, and leaned in to ask a question. Kaminari nodded towards Kirishima, who was chatting to Round-Face with big, exaggerated hand movements. Fuck, his hands were nice. Well, that- Huh.

    Katsuki drew in a deep breath. He stared enviously at the air around Kirishima, because it got to touch him and Katsuki hadn't quite worked up the nerve yet. Kaminari snickered. Kaminari's snickering stopped abruptly. Why are you telling me this? He'd just opened his mouth on impulse. Maybe the aura of dumbass from everyone else around him was finally clouding his mind. May I inquire as to whom you may be referring? How come this scoop hasn't reached Mina's ears yet? And Red's a dragon. Fuck, Katsuki hadn't really meant to say that.

    Was he like, love-drunk or something? He was probably going to regret involving Kaminari, but fuck, he was tired of talking to someone who couldn't talk back. Fuck, he was in love with Kirishima and he was going to fucking do something about it. So, uh, you've told him, right?

    Life’s no drag for the Queens of Hanoi

    This had been a horrible mistake. So like, do you have a plan? Word will spread. Kirishima will hear, and then, fuck , that's as far as I've got. Fuck, I sound like a teenage girl. He brings you up all the time like 'oh, don't you think Bakugou is so manly? Which is like, plural more than anyone else has ever seen in you. Good sign, right? You want me to fight a dragon? Kirishima gave a loud exclaimation at something Uraraka said and laughed again. Like counting to three.

    All four of the people outside Uraraka's tower paused in their conversations to watch the pillar of fire whirl into the sky. Then the spontaneously-manifested glacier that sprang up after it. Katsuki lost sight of the others as he used his explosive fire magic to launch himself up and over a row of houses. Whatever fucking Half-n-Half was doing, he must have a good reason. Sure enough, as Katsuki neared the edge of the village, he could see a large group of bandits on horseback fanning out on the road into the village. He landed in front of one with a wild shout and a pop of fire from his hands, startling the horse into rearing up and nearly throwing its rider.

    Life's a drag

    Horses in general didn't like loud, sudden noises. Katsuki took advantage of the horse's alarm to leap up with a small explosion and grab the guy off the saddle. The horse, free of the weight on its back, kicked up its heels and charged off towards one of the other bandits. Katsuki took a moment to make sure the one he had tackled was knocked out, and started towards the next. A great roar shook the air, causing everyone to freeze in place. Katsuki recovered within fractions of seconds, because he knew that roar, and his reflexes were just that good.

    Fuck yeah! The dragon swooped out of the sky, low over the the bandits and knocking them off their horses with ease. The remaining bandits were all yelling or screaming, haha and at least two of them had kicked their steeds into a hasty retreat.

    Life's a DRAG! Orrrrr Is It?! Lunar Beauty Review! - Jackie Aina

    The appearance of a dragon had thrown them, just a little. Katsuki launched himself up, Red banked and came up underneath him, and then he was astride the base of big dragon's neck, yelling down at the bandits and letting his explosive magic boom several times. It didn't take long for the rest of the bandits to flee, and Red came to land on the road with a rumbly-grumbly noise in his throat. Red looked towards the distant forms of the horseback bandits and growled. Well, that sort of answered that. The people in the village who had come to help against the bandit raid were all gawking up at Red.

    Sometimes Lifes a Drag Sometimes Lifes a Drag
    Sometimes Lifes a Drag Sometimes Lifes a Drag
    Sometimes Lifes a Drag Sometimes Lifes a Drag
    Sometimes Lifes a Drag Sometimes Lifes a Drag
    Sometimes Lifes a Drag Sometimes Lifes a Drag
    Sometimes Lifes a Drag Sometimes Lifes a Drag
    Sometimes Lifes a Drag Sometimes Lifes a Drag
    Sometimes Lifes a Drag Sometimes Lifes a Drag

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