The Unsubdued Forest

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Some versions of the dish are light, some thick enough to drag the spoon. On the side are fritters that look like chickpea brittle, to be crumbled into the soup, and lime, to squeeze for as much sunniness as you wish. Kyaw Lin Htin came to New York first, in , one of the lucky ones to get a green card through the diversity visa lottery for people in countries that have historically sent few immigrants to the United States.

His wife joined him two years later and found work in the diamond district, while he learned to make sushi, a livelihood for many Burmese immigrants.

The Unsubdued Forest The Unsubdued Forest
The Unsubdued Forest The Unsubdued Forest
The Unsubdued Forest The Unsubdued Forest
The Unsubdued Forest The Unsubdued Forest
The Unsubdued Forest The Unsubdued Forest
The Unsubdued Forest The Unsubdued Forest
The Unsubdued Forest The Unsubdued Forest
The Unsubdued Forest The Unsubdued Forest

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