Sword and Shield (Weapons of Redemption)

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Tips to Build Weapon Affinity

Shotguns are insanely powerful weapons when used in close combat capable of tearing down enemies in a few shots. Anything further and its shots will become weaker.


Bows are unique because they are silent weapons, but it can only shoot one arrow at a time and is only accurate up to medium-range. From Lassos to Dynamites, throwables in this game are capable of snaring enemies or clear out a group of them in one throw! Melee Weapons may not be as powerful as guns, but they can still a good job in taking out enemies.

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These weapons are also silent, allowing players to take out enemies without a sound. There are a total of 5 guns and 2 weapons you can use in the game, each with their own characteristics, magazine type, firing actions, and more.


Rockstar Breaks Down Weapons And Combat System Details For Red Dead Redemption II In New Reveal

Select which ones to use to fit your gameplay! Some guns such as pistols and revolvers can be dual wielded for double the blam! However, the dual wields cannot be used while on horseback or other times when you only have a single hand open. Each weapon type has a corresponding ammo type that it can only use.

Red Dead Redemption Online This Week is All About The Discounts

Players are free to customize their weapons with performance upgrades. Changing the barrels, grips, sights, and scopes of weapons will dramatically change the way the weapon functions. You can also change the way your weapons look! From engravings, varnishes, and metal and wood changes, customize your guns to look the way you want them to.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, the more a weapon is used, the better it will perform. Using them a lot without the proper care puts them at risk of degradation, slowly lowering their performance. Weapons should be constantly cleaned and oiled to retain its quality.

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Make sure to conduct proper gun care to your favorite weapons to prevent weapon degradation. C , Rockstar Games, Inc.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 and Xbox One has some of the most satisfying kills I've ever experienced, especially when you activate its kill cam and it's an O'Driscoll you're smoking in it. And while I love using my custom white revolvers, there's no weapon I enjoy using more than the good ol' bow, which can create for some of the game's more grisly-looking kills.

And in the open-world western there's nothing better than a 2-for-1 shot. Actually, I take that back, there is: it's called a 3-for-1 shot.

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Now, while I've gotten a few 2-for-1 shots while playing the game, I've never landed a 3-for-1 shot. But apparently that's because I'm a cowpoke, because it's possible. Recently over on Reddit, one player shared a clip of the 3-for-1 kill they landed while held up in a store that looks halfway through a robbery gone completely wrong. In it, you can see a few guards dead already before three more in a line storm through the door. Unfortunately for them, the player had their bow in hand and some Dead Eye ready. As you can see, it's the kill cam that really makes the shot so impressive and brutal.

Sword and Shield (Weapons of Redemption) Sword and Shield (Weapons of Redemption)
Sword and Shield (Weapons of Redemption) Sword and Shield (Weapons of Redemption)
Sword and Shield (Weapons of Redemption) Sword and Shield (Weapons of Redemption)
Sword and Shield (Weapons of Redemption) Sword and Shield (Weapons of Redemption)
Sword and Shield (Weapons of Redemption) Sword and Shield (Weapons of Redemption)
Sword and Shield (Weapons of Redemption) Sword and Shield (Weapons of Redemption)

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