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Today, it's not just members of monastic traditions, such as Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism, who find the ways of early hermits worth emulating, perhaps just for a day or two.

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Young adult evangelicals increasingly make a point to practice solitude as a spiritual discipline, says Leadership Journal managing editor Eric Reed. Some also read devotionally selections from the early church fathers, such as Irenaeus, Origen, and Tertullian. Reed says. Another example: the increasingly popular practice of labyrinth walking, with headphones narrating a "guided prayer journey. At retreat centers, participants are asking for personalized direction from modern-day masters in the faith, and hosts are reconfiguring programs to accommodate them.

The Racine Dominicans, for instance, now dedicate three weeks in June and July to retreats for those seeking solace and personalized guidance from the sisters. Even "preached" retreats, which center on a group conference, build in as much time as possible for individuals to confide privately in their retreat leaders and "rediscover their own goodness," according to director Rita Lui. Durante, who took part in last week's retreat, was delighted that ancient tradition had established such a path. At the Jesuit Retreat House of Cleveland, a group-presentation format of the s has given way to individually directed retreats that give pilgrims many hours on the wooded grounds to pray, read, walk, and think.

Hours alone get interrupted only by sessions with leaders who ask what's being revealed amid so much stillness.

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Says the Rev. Clem Metzger, director of the retreat house: "They might say something like, 'That tree I just walked by I just realized it's a reflection of my true self.

Thoughts on the particular piety of the poor in Latin America

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  • Monitor Daily Current Issue. Monitor Political Cartoons. A Christian Science Perspective. Monitor Movie Guide. Monitor Daily. Photos of the Week. Islam preached and promoted racial equality and harmony among the believers. It does not say that one should not feel fraternity towards the believers who belong to his tribe or culture.

    However, a Muslim crosses the acceptable limits of ethnic fraternity when he starts preferring the evil person of his own tribe over the good Muslims of another tribe. Such racial prejudice is not allowed in Islam at all. Juwaybar was a native of Yamamah who came to Medina in search of the truth about Islam. He soon accepted Islam. Since he had neither money nor any friend, he was temporarily accommodated along with other poor Muslims in the Mosque by permission of the Prophet.

    More Christians seek quiet relief in the practice of solitary piety -

    The Mosque, however, was not a place of habitation; therefore, the Prophet selected a site outside the Mosque and erected a shed over it for the homeless people. One day the Prophet came to the people of Suffa and started talking to Juwaybar. Who will marry me? And which woman likes to be the wife of a poor, short, dark complexioned and ugly man like me? Many people were high-placed in the pre-Islamic society and Islam brought them down. Many were despised nonentities and Islam bestowed them with honour, high rank, and brought them up.

    Islam abolished racial discrimination and pride of lineage. Now all people irrespective of their colour and origin are equal. Nobody has superiority over others except through piety and obedience to Allah.

    How To Feed Your Faith - Dr. John Maxwell

    Do you like to hear it confidentially or openly? Everybody knows me, I am not a liar! We do not give our daughters to persons of unequal status nor outside our tribe.

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    • You go back; I shall go to the Prophet and have a talk with him myself. Those nearby heard the murmuring of Juwaybar.

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      And what did he mean? Then he went hurriedly up to the Prophet. I would like to inform you that our custom is to give our daughters to persons of equal status from our own tribe who all happen to be your companions. That dignity and honour of which you are talking of has not been abolished. Every believer man is equal for the purpose of marriage to every believer woman. This matter concerns me. I accept Juwaybar whatever his condition may be. If the Prophet is pleased with it, I am also pleased. The wedding was duly solemnized.

      When the night came, Juwaybar was dazzled by the beauty of his bride and the richness of the house which was given to him. It was dawn when he came to himself and then decided to fast in gratitude to God. When the women from Ziyad's family came to see the bride the next morning, they found her untouched.

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      Two nights and days passed in the same manner: Juwaybar prayed during the nights and fasted during the days. I thought it was necessary to offer thanks and prayers to Allah before doing anything. Tonight I shall go to my wife. Juwaybar and Zalfa lived a most happy life. After his martyrdom, Zalfa was the most sought after woman for a wife and people were eager to pay the greatest mahr for her. All of you are from Adam and Adam was from the dust.

      Faith Practice Piety Faith Practice Piety
      Faith Practice Piety Faith Practice Piety
      Faith Practice Piety Faith Practice Piety
      Faith Practice Piety Faith Practice Piety
      Faith Practice Piety Faith Practice Piety
      Faith Practice Piety Faith Practice Piety

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