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As for the Sacrament of Holy Orders, Our Lady said, the devil would labour with assiduity to turn priests away from their vocations and would corrupt many of them. Our Lady told Mother Mariana that in those difficult days, persons who invoked Her under the title of Our Lady of Buen Suceso would receive special graces and be under Her particular protection.

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She promised that, when all seemed lost, she would intervene to save the Church. With the approval of Bishop Salvador Ribera, a sculptor was hired. When the work was almost done, the sculptor absented himself temporarily in search of materials, only to discover on his return that the statue had been miraculously completed.

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It is said that the paint on the face and hands has never needed restoration. The diocese of Quito initiated her cause for beatification in She lived into her seventies; today she occupies a glass casket, a tiny and impressive figure.

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Usually the miraculous statue is kept enthroned as Abbess behind the grille. The dawn procession on the feast day is attended by thousands. The Dominicans are launching a free online course allowing anyone to study one of the greatest minds in the Church. Jane Stannus. Slice 1. Over years ago, Our Lady prophesied attacks on the Sacraments of the Church It was 5 am, January 24, ; the cobbled streets of Quito were still dark and deserted when fireworks began to shoot up from a church on la Plaza Grande, right next to the presidential palace. Read more.

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Are there any prophecies that aren’t in the series?

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By clicking 'Accept' you agree to this use of data. Rav Shmuel Eliyahu researched this topic extensively.

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Much of what will be presented here, is based on a lecture given by Rav Eliyahu in the holy city of Tzfat. The Rav gave me his blessings to translate his ideas into English. He will have mercy on you and gather you from among the nations. Before World War One, the number grew to 84, Today, there are more than six and a half million Jews living in Israel. Israel defeated them all in just six days! We see this abundance in the produce of the land. And the destroyed cities will again be rebuilt. During the same period, Arab settlements only grew to Take the stumbling blocks out of the way of My people.

In , there were 6, kilometers of highways in Israel. Today, 18, kilometers of highway. The numerous entrances to Jerusalem is a clear Messianic sign. Today, more than , And you will purified from all of your impurities. And you will be given a new heart.

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